( MARCH SESSION, 1971 ).


Monday, the 22nd March, 1971.



        The March Session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly met at 10 A.M., on 22nd March, 1971. As this is the first session of the year, Governor of Assam exercising his functions as Governor in relation to Meghalaya addressed the House under provision of Section 21(1) of the Assam Re-organisation (Meghalaya) Act, 1969. The Governor was received at the steps towards the eastern side of the Assembly building by the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Secretary at 10.6 A.M. Thereafter Governor was taken to the Chamber in a ceremonious procession. After the address, the Governor left the Chamber.


        The Speaker then reported to the House under provision of Assembly rule 13(2) that the Governor had been pleased to make a speech and also informed that he had received a notice of a Motion of Thanks from Mr. D.D. Pugh, M.L.A. which read as follows :-

        " That the Members of the Meghalaya Legislative assembled in this Session are deeply grateful to the Governor for the Address which  he has been pleased to deliver to this House on the 22nd March, 1971 ".

        On being requested, Mr. D.D. Pugh moved his motion which was also seconded by Mr. John Deng Pohrmen, M.L.A.

        The Speaker then informed the House that he fixed Tuesday, the 23rd March, Wednesday, the 24th March and Thursday the 25th March, 1971 as the dates for discussion of the Motion, and on matters referred to the Governor's Address and that notice of amendment, if any, to the motion should be submitted to the Assembly Secretariat by 4 P.M. today, the 22nd March, 1971.


        Reference to the demise of the following notable personalities were made by the Leader of the House and Chief Minister :-


 Shri Bimala Prasad Chaliha, Ex-Chief Minister, Assam.


 Dr. K.M. Munshi.


 Shri Nath Pai.


 Shri Hemanta Kumar Basu,


 Shri T. Haralu.

        Messrs. S.D.D. Nichols-Roy, Minister, Justman Swer M.L.A. John Deng Pohrmen, M.L.A. B.B. Lyngdoh, Minister, P. Ripple Kyndiah, M.L.A., H.C. Bhuyan, M.L.A. paid their tributes to these noble sons of India.

        The Speaker associated himself with the feelings expressed by the Leader of the House and other Ministers and Members and recalling their achievements and contribution for the cause of the country paid glowing tributes to the memories of the great departed souls. At the conclusion, the Speaker, moved a resolution which reads as follows :-

        " This House records a deep sense of profound sorrow at the sad and comparatively early demise of Shri Bimala Prasad Chaliha, Ex-Chief Minister of Assam and one of the outstanding personalities of modern India and conveys its heart felt condolence and deep sympathy to the members of his bereaved family "

        The House stood in silence for two minutes in respectful homage and prayed for the eternal rest of the noble departed souls.


        Thereafter the House adjourned for the rest of the day at 11.35 A.M. to meet again at 10 A.M. on Tuesday, the 23rd March. 1971.




The 22nd March, 1971.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.