Friday, the 22nd March, 1974.

        The Assembly met today at 9 A.M. The day was devoted for transaction of Govt. Business.


        Starred question No.1 and Unstarred questions No.1 and 2 were replied to.

2.        The Hon. Speaker informed the House that he had received an application from Shri B. Kharkongor, M.L.A. seeking permission for leave of absence for the current session as he was lying ill in the Hospital. Leave of absence was accordingly granted by the House.

3.        Shri B.B. Lyngdoh, Minister, Finance presented the Supplementary Demands for Grants for Grants and Supplementary Appropriation for 1973-74.

4.        Shri B.B. Lyngdoh, Minister, Finance presented the On Account Budget for 1974-75.

5. Debate on Governor's Address:

        Shri H.E. Poshna, M.L.A. moved his Amendment to the Motion of  Thanks to the Governor's Address moved on the 20th March, 1974 by Shri D.D. Lapang, M.L.A. and spoke in support of his Amendment. Prof. M.N. Majaw, supported the Amendment of Shri H.E. Pohshna. Later the Hon. ble Speaker called upon Shri D.D. Lapang to initiate discussion on his Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address which he moved on the 20th March, 1974. The following Members also participated in today's discussion on the Governor's Address, viz :- Shri W. Syiemiong M.L.A., Shri P.R. Kyndiah, M.L.A., Shri Salseng Marak, M.L.A., Shri Y. Fuller Lyngdoh, M.L.A. and Shri Samsul Haque, M.L.A.


        The House was then adjourned at 11.30 A.M. to meet again tomorrow Saturday, the 23rd, March, 1974 at 9 A.M.

Sd/- R.T. Rymbai,
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Memo. No.753 (A)        Dated Shillong, the 22nd March, 1974.

Copy for information to :-

        1. All Members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

        2. All Departments of the Government ( both Civil & P.W.D. )

E.L. Lyttan,
Under Secretary,
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.