Tuesday, the 26th March, 1974.

        The Assembly met at 9.A.M. The day was devoted for transaction of Government business.

1. QUESTIONS : Unstarred questions No.8 and 9 were replied to.

2. Vote-on-Account for 1974-75.

        Shri B.B. Lyngdoh, Minister, Finance, moved that the Vote-On-Account for 1974-75 be passed. The Motion was adopted and passed by the House.

        Shri F.K. Mawlot, tabled a motion of amendment but it was ruled out of order.

3. Shri B.B. Lyngdoh, Minister, Finance moved that the Meghalaya Appropriation (Vote-On-Account) Bill, 1974 be passed by the House. Before taking the Bill into consideration, the following members participated by way of seeking clarification from the Finance Minister. Prof. M.N.Majaw, Shri Maham Singh, Md. Akromozzaman, Shri H. Hadem, Shri F.K. Mawlot. The points raised by them were clarified by the Finance Minister.

        The Meghalaya Appropriation ( Vote-On-Account ) Bill, 1974 was adopted and passed by the House.

4. Prof. M.N. Majaw raised the following matter under Rule 301 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Assembly :- " The holding of the Municipal Election in Shillong".

        Prof. M.N. Majaw raised a few more points on the subject. The Hon. Speaker said that there had already been much discussion on the Governor's Address relating to this subject and as the Hon. Chief Minister had also dealt at length with it in his reply to the debate on the Governor's Address was no more need for the Chief Minister to give a reply and it was accordingly accepted by the House.


        The House was then adjourned at 9.50 A.M. to meet again tomorrow the 27th March, 1974 at 9 A.M.

  Sd/- R.T. Rymbai,
  Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

 Memo. No. 1272/MLA., Dated Shillong, the 27th March, 1974.