Monday, April 5, 1976

        The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.


        Unstarred Questions No.140-143 and No.150-154 with supplementaries thereto were disposed of.

        Answers to Unstarred Questions No.139, No.144-149 and No.155-156 were laid on the Members' Table.


        Shri R. Lyngdoh (HSPDP) called the attention of the Minister for Municipal Administration to a news-item published in " U Peitngor " of 25th March, 1976, under the caption "ki Jingtheh Jakhlia Pathar Ki Kharmetor". He complained about the haphazard throwing of night soil in drains and elsewhere in populated areas of Shillong Town. 

        The Minister-in-charge, Shri P.R. Kyndiah, apprised the House that the operation was carried out at dead of night or at dawn and hence it was very difficult to keep watch over the culprits. Any sweeper of the Municipality found responsible for such nuisance was subjected to disciplinary action. He also informed the House that efforts were being taken to organise the sweepers' force and appoint supervisors to inspect the operation regularly.


        Shri H.S. Lyngdoh, Chairman, Public Accounts Committee, presented the 2nd and the 3rd Reports of the Committee.


        The Chief Minister moved a motion under Rule 316 to suspend Rule 115(4) for waiving the required period of notice to enable him to move a Govt. Resolution and the sad Rule 115(4) was suspended for the time being.


        The Chief Minister moved the following resolution:

" Whereas this Assembly considered it desirable to constitute a Committee to advise the Govt. of Meghalaya in formulating policies and scheme for the welfare of the members of the Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and other Backward Classed of the State of Meghalaya and also to consider such other matters connected with or incidental thereto or which are specifically referred to it by the House or by the Speaker;

             Now, therefore, this Assembly resolves that such a Committee be constituted with the Minister incharge of Social Welfare as the ex-officio Chairman and nine other members of whom eight shall be selected by the House every year amongst its members according to the principle of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote and another person, who is not a member of the House, shall be co-opted by the other members of the Committee to give representation to the members of the Scheduled Castes".

        The Resolution was adopted unanimously.


        Shri S. Sangma, Deputy Speaker and Chairman, Privileges Committee moved a motion requesting for further extension of time for submission of the Report of the Committee of Privileges on the complaint of breach of privileges by Shri H. Hynniewta (Ind.) against the Deputy Speaker, Lok Sabha, Prof. G.G. Swell.

7. M O T I O N S :

        (i) Shri F.K. Mawlot (HSPDP) resumed discussion on Motion No.6 which he moved on the 3rd April, 1976. He spoke at length on the service condition of the employee of the Mawmluh Cherra Cements and also complained about the higher price of cement in Shillong than in other places in the plains.

        Shri U. Kharbuli (CONG.) also fell in line with the Mover.

        The Minister for Industries apprised the House that the Company inherited a number of financial liabilities and irregularities in other field also since the management passed from Assam to Meghalaya, He assured the House that proper enquiries would be caused on various allegations made by the Mover and that Government would not hesitate to take proper action against officers found corrupt. He said this Government was also determined to remedy the irregularities of the past management. He hoped that the Mawmluh Cherra Cement would turn out to be a model company in the foreseeable future. 

        (ii) Motions No.7-15 were either withdrawn by leave of the House or were not moved due to the absence of the Members tabling them.

        (iii) Shri F.K. Mawlot moved motion No.16 which was worded as follows:

" This House do now discuss the affairs in the Meghalaya State Transport".

        He complained about the weakly-built bodies of the State Transport buses which could not withstand the road conditions in Meghalaya. He also described the anomaly in the rates of trip allowances paid to the drivers and conductors and the lack of good conduct in the employees of the State Transport establishment. He was of the opinion that the State revenue could be augmented with proper enforcement and checking.

        Shri H.E. Poshna (CONG) shared the views of the Mover and stressed the need of proper facilities to the travelling public at various stations.

        The Minister for Industries, Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy, replying on behalf of the Minister for Transport, apprised the House that in Shillong no construction of booking office could site permission to this effect from the Defence authority. Fortunately, the Defence Ministry had since according the necessary permission and the Department hoped that it would be able to start construction of the building during the present financial year. As to the bifurcation of the AMSRTC the Minister stated that the Govt. had presented Meghalaya's case before the Government of India to the best of its ability and was hopeful that the result would be favourable and it would not take long to come out.

        (iv) Shri S.D. Khongwir (HSPDP) moved :

" This House do now discuss the relationship between the State Govt. and the District Councils".

        He stressed the need of greater involvement of the State Govt. in the plans and programmes executed through the District Councils after the last amendment to the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. The State Govt. was actually financing all the major schemes undertaken by the Councils and hence he was of the opinion that " One who pays the piper should call for the tune".

        Shri H.E. Poshna (CONG.) also supported the Motion and fell in line with the Mover.

        Replying on behalf of the Minister for District Council Affairs, Shri S.D.D. Nichols-Roy, Minister for Industries etc., informed the House that close relationship existed between the Govt. and the District Councils. Release of grants to Councils were subjected to production of utilisation certificates of previous grants. The delay in allotting grants was mainly due to non-production of such certificates and other plans and estimates which were in turn put to proper scrutiny by the Govt. before funds could be released. Nevertheless the Govt. policy was to see that District Council functioned well and as a step towards this, the Govt, would always welcome the representatives of the Councils to sit across the table and discuss matters.


        (i) Shri H.E. Poshna (CONG.) moved ;

        " Whereas Jaintia Hills District abounds in pine trees, bamboos and other raw materials essential for paper making and whereas paper is one of the most essential commodities of the State, this Assembly therefore urge upon the Govt. of Meghalaya to take early steps for the immediate setting up of paper industries in Jaintia Hills".

        He strongly pleaded for the establishment of a paper mill in Jaintia Hills.

        Shri D.N. Joshi (CONG.) also was in favour of establishing at least a mini-plant in a suitable site to be chosen by the Government.

        The Minister for Industries informed the House that the MIDC and the MFDC were currently examining the feasibility of starting paper Industry in the State. He stated that an investment of 30 to 35 crores of rupees would be necessary for this venture and much of the chemicals needed for this Industry would have to be imported from outside the State. He added that the possibility of establishing  a cement factory and a match splint factory  in Jaintia Hills was being examined in view of the reported existence of basis raw materials.

        The Resolution was later withdrawn by leave of the House.

        (ii) Shri Raisen Mawsor (HSPDP) moved the following resolution :-

" This House urges upon the State Govt. to establish a medical dispensary at Nongdaju village within Nongstoin Sub-division to enable the people living in the Lyngngam area to get timely and prompt medical attention whenever needed".

        He advocated the immediate establishment of the dispensary in view of the lack of any medical facility in the said area comprising more or less 100 sq. miles and in view of the fact that the place was endemic to many infectious diseases like leprosy and elephantisis. 

        Shri S.D. Khongwir, Shri R. Lyngdoh, Shri H.E. Poshna, Shri H.S. Lyngdoh and Shri F.K. Mawlot also supported  the resolution while Shri H. Nongrum (APHLC) did not feel the necessity of the resolution in view of the Govt.' decision to establish two dispensaries in the said area during the 5th plan period.

        The Minister for Health expressed identical view with the earlier participants in matters of the medical need of the population in the area referred to. He apprised the House that there was a proposal to establish a Sub-Centre at Nongdaju to begin with. He was very much optimistic that along with the proposed move for establishment of new Sub-division and administrative units, the medical needs of the people of the area would be brought nearer to them by and by.

        The Resolution was withdrawn by leave of the House.

        (iii) Resolution No.3 standing in the name of Shri S.D. Khongwir (HSPDP) was deemed to have been withdrawn owing to the absence of the member.

        Resolutions No.4-6 stood deferred till the next Private Members' Day in accordance with provision to Rule 115(3).


        The House was adjourned at 12.50 P.M. till 9.30 A.M. on Tuesday, April 6, 1976.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Memo. No. AS (SB) 6/MLA/.76/3353-3553., Dt. Shillong, the 8th April, '76.