Monday, July 3, 1978.

The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.

            The day was devoted for transaction of Private Members' Business.

1.    QUESTIONS :-

        Unstarred Questions Nos. 61 - 72 and Nos. 75 & 76 with supplementaries thereto were disposed of. There were no supplementaries on Questions Nos.73 and 74.

2.    MOTIONS :

        (i) Shri. Albin Lamare (ULP) moved :

"This House do now discuss the urgent necessity of upgrading the Ummulong State Dispensary in Jaintia Hills into a Primary Health Centre".

        He made a submission before the House to the effect that the existing dispensary was no capable of coping with the growing medical need of more than 20,000 people inhabiting the area.

        In reply the Minister, Health, Shri. J.D. Pohrmen, informed the House that as per existing norm, Ummulong was not eligible for a Primary Health Centre. But as per recommendation of the Medical Working Group any area comprising of 20,000 population was eligible for a Primary Health Centre, and assured the House that Government would consider this question in right earnest.

        (ii) Shri. H.L. Nongsiang (ULP) moved :

"This House do now discuss the immediate need for a stadium in Shillong".

        He emphasised the immediate need for a stadium in order to meet the games and sports need of the youth of the State.

        Replying to the motion, the Chief Minister informed the House that an area of 29 acres was in the process of being obtained on lease for 99 years from the Shillong Recreation Ground Trust. He also informed the House that plan and estimates for a stadium of 50,000 capacity costing Rs.2,00,00,000/- was ready, construction of which would be taken up in a phased manner through the agency of the Public Works Department.

        (iii) Shri. Manik Das (MULF) moved :

"This House do now discuss the functioning of the Meghalaya Transport Corporation".

        He was not happy with the State of affairs obtaining in the State Transport Corporation and complained that there were glaring cases of supercession, victimisation, favouritism in matters of promotion, general mismanagement etc. He wanted an Enquiry Committee to go into these questions in depth.

        Shri. D.N.Joshi (MULF), Shri. Reidson Momin (MULF) and Shri. S.P. Swer (ULP) also participated in the discussion and offered their individual suggestions for improvement of the Corporation.

        Replying to the discussion, the Minister for Transport Shri. B.W. Momin, assured the House that all the anomalies in respect of appointments in the Corporation would be looked into. He also assured the House that all suggestions towards general improvement would be carefully considered so as to aim at the functioning of the Corporation.

        (iv) Shri. S.P. Swer (ULP) moved :

"This House do now discuss the necessity for classification of tezpatta, pepper, broomstick and honey as agricultural produces instead of forest products".

        He stated that the classification made during the British days was still being followed although those commodities were being produced through proper plantation especially in the border areas inhabited by almost 1/3 for those products were rather high for the producers.

        In reply the Minister, Forest, Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh, stated that so far as the question of extracting, those items from the Reserve Forests was concerned, re-classification of such items as agricultural produce did not arise. However, he felt that the question of exemption of royalties for those goods produced in areas under my control of the District Councils needed consideration by the District Council.

        (v) Shri. L. Kharlukhi (ULP) moved :

"This House do now discuss the necessity for the implementation of the 'prohibition policy in the interest and for the welfare of the State'.

        He dwelt at length on the evils of the inebriation and their effect on the social economic and other activities of the Tribal people and pleaded for immediate imposition of prohibition of the State.

        Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh (ULP) supported the motion and expressed his conviction that the prohibition policy would be successful if tackled in a realistic manner and executed by agencies who really believed in prohibition.

        Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy (ULP) stated that the Government's effort to do away with the illicit distillation and bottlegging had not succeeded.

        He also did not believe that prohibition would succeed if imposed all alone by the Government unless the people were ready for it and unless a combined and sincere effort was made by the Government co-ordinating with other social and educational organisations.

        Shri. S.P. Swer (ULP) also spoke on the motion. The discussion was inconclusive.


        The House was adjourned till 9.30 A.M. on Tuesday, July 4, 1978.


 Sd/- D.S. Khongdup,
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.