Monday, April 16, 1979.

The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.


        Unstarred questions Nos.142 to 149 were disposed of with supplementaries thereto.


        The House passed Grants Nos.19 to 20. All the Cut Motions in respect of these grants were withdrawn after the adequate supply from Ministers concerned.

        Speaking on the Cut Motions on Grant No.20, Shrik. Manik Das (MULF) urged upon the Government to approach the Centre for including of small towns like Jowai and Nongstoin under the Civil Defence Programme as in the case of towns in Jammu and Kashmir. He also pleaded for permanent Home Guard Battalion for manning the international border.

        In reply to the discussion, the Minister for Civil Defence, Shri. J.C. Marak informed the House that Government had approached the Centre for declaring Tura and Jowai as Civil Defence Towns.

        Moving his Cut Motion on Grant No.21, Shri. D.N. Joshi (MULF) suggested that the teaches of Deficit Colleges and Schools should receive the same benefit as their counterparts in Government Schools and Colleges. He emphasised that Government should embark upon free and compulsory education upto matriculation standard. Shri. Akramozzaman (MULF) was of the opinion that the existing constitutional barrier should be removed to bring Primary Education under control and supervision of the State Government. Shri. Bhaskar Choudhury (MULF) pleaded for retirement benefits for all teachers of Deficit Colleges and Schools. Shri. B. Pakem (HSPDP) wanted the Government to take full advantage of the social education programme enunciated by the Government of India. He complained that no District Gazetteer had been published ever since the creation of Meghalaya and was very unhappy that no monograph on tribal life was published by the Tribal Research Institute.

        Shri. B. Wanniang (HSPDP) wanted that the District Councils should be entrusted with the task of management of pre-primary and nursery schools. Shri. Manik Das (MULF) put forward the suggestion that the scholarships to tribal students should be disbursed only after proper verification and actual identification of students. Shri. Y.F. Lyngdoh (HSPDP) attributed the present low standard of education to the lack of responsibility and discipline on the part of teachers, particularly of the Government Schools, while Shri. B.K. Roy (MULF) wanted propagation of Hindi and Sanskrit.

        Replying to the discussion, the Minister of State for Education, Shri. U. Kharbuli assured the hon. members that all constructive suggestions had been taken note of for implementation by the Government keeping in view the recommendations and suggestions contained in the report of the Education Commission.

        The mover of the Motion wanted further clarification on a number of points raised by the participants, but as time was up, this was deferred till the next day allotted for this class of business.


        The Presiding Chairman, Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy, adjourned the House at 1.40 P.M. till 9.30 A.M. on Tuesday, April 17, 1979.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.