Tuesday, March 20, 1979

The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Deputy Speaker in the Chair.

        The day was devoted for transaction of Private Members' Business.


        The Leader of the Opposition, Shri. S.D. Khongwir called the attention of the Minister of Revenue under the Caption "Assam-Meghalaya Officials Meet" which appeared in the Amrita Bazar patrika of March 9, 1979. The Minister for Revenue, Shri. P.R. Kyndiah made a statement with regard to the meeting between the Commissioners of Divisions of Assam and Meghalaya to discuss the boundary problems between the District of Karbi-Anglong and Jaintia Hills.

2.    MOTIONS :

        Shri. Manik Das (MULF) resumed discussion on the following Motion which he moved during the lat session of the Assembly :-        

"This House do now discuss the functioning of Police Administration in the State."

        Dwelling on the necessity to re-organise the Police Administration, he advocated the need for increasing Police Outposts and Police Stations. He also emphasized the necessity for re-adjusted of areas of jurisdiction of Police Stations and out-posts and the urgency of imparting special training to the members of Police force and the establishment of a Forensic Laboratory in the State.

        Shri. H.L. Nongsiang (HSPDP) complained that the quality or rations supplied to the police personnel were sub-standard and unfit for human consumption. Shri. D.D. Lapang (APHLC) complained that the Police were ineffective on many occasions when their help was sought owing to lack of transport, particularly in the rural areas. Shri. Mukul Ds (IND) Shri. H. Hadem (HSPDP) and Shri. R. Lyngdoh (HSPDP) also participated in the discussion.

        Replying to the discussion, the Chief Minister assured the House that all attempts would be made to improve the police organisation both in quality and quantity. He took pride over the fact that the present police set-up was started from mere scratch at the time when the State came into being.

        He also disclosed that a total outlay of Rs.2.8 crores had been provided for implementing the housing programme for non-gazetted police force to be spread over a period of 5 years beginning April 1, 1979.

        Finally he assured the House that all constructive suggestions made by the various participants towards improvement of the police organisation had been noted by the Government with a view to implementing them within the limits of the financial Constraints.

        (ii) Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh (APHLC) moved the following motion.

"The House do now discuss the educational policies and programmes in the State".

        Initiating the discussion, he stressed the need for reviewing the Education policy of the Government in view of the changed concept of modern education. It was his feeling that modern education should be job-oriented and importance should be given to science, technical and other vocational subjects, by offering adequate incentives. He was not in favour of giving undue importance t school sports at the cost of education and school discipline. Shri. Manik Das (MULP) stressed the importance of imparting training to the teachers as a means of improving the standard of education.

        Shri. B. Pakem (HSPDP) was of the view that modern education should aim at utility of the community, while Shri. D.D. Lapang (APHLC) felt that the Government should have a fresh look at the existing education policy, keeping in view the national policy. Other Hon. Members who took part in the discussion included Shri. H.L. Nongsiang (HSPDP), Shri. G. Mylliemngap (APHLC) and Shri. Mukul Das (IND.). The discussion was inconclusive when the House rose for the day.


        The House was adjourned till 9.30 A.M. on Wednesday 21st March, 1979.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.