Thursday, March 22, 1979.

The Assembly meat at 9.30 A.M. with the Deputy Speaker in the Chair.


        Unstarred Questions Nos.2 and 3 were disposed of with supplementaries.

2.    ZERO HOUR :

        The Leader of Opposition, Shri. S.D. Khongwir, focussed the attention of the House to the report that there had been widespread of Petrol of late in Shillong.

        Shri. Mukul Das (IND.) also complained that there had been widespread scarcity of Kerosene Oil in the State as a whole.

        The Minister for Civil Supplies, Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, informed the House that there had been slight fall in the supply of petrol, as a result of which there could have been less supply in some of the Petrol Depots but denied that there had been a general shortage. He, however, informed the House that Government was on the alert to tackle any exigency. He further apprised the House that there had been fall in the supply of kerosene oil since the later part of February, 179 owing to shut-down of the plant at Gauhati Refinery. He was, however, hopeful that the supply position would ease in no time. The House was also informed that the Government had adequately instructed the District Authorities to regulate the supply of kerosene oil to the District Authorities to regulate the supply of kerosene oil to the consumers, particularly in East Garo Hills where there had been reported scarcity.


        Shri. H. Hadem (HSPDP) called the attention of the Minister of Co-operation to the news item published in the "Ropecoa" dated March 14, 1979, under the caption "One Statutory Post Remain Unfilled", complaining that appointment of a Registrar under the Assam Money Lenders Act had not been made in spite of the fact that the Act had been enforced in the State of Meghalaya.

        The Minister for Co-operation, Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, informed the House that the Government was seized of the matter and whatever action necessary in this regard would be taken in consultation with the District Councils.

4.    MOTIONS :

        The House resumed further discussion on the following motion which was moved by Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh (APHLC) on the 20th March, 1979 :-

"This House do now discuss the educational policies and programmes in the State."

        Taking part in the discussion, Shri. Mukul Das (IND.) expressed the view that the Primary Schools should be taken over by the Government by amending the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution, if need be, for better management of these schools. Shri. B.K. Roy (MULF) was of the view that Government should open schools with English medium in order to avoid heavy rush and overcrowding in Private Schools. He also complained that no educational institutions with Non-Tribal languages as the media of instruction had been included under the Deficit System since the creation of Meghalaya. Shri. L. Kharlukhi (HSPDP) felt that the Government should come up with comprehensive legislation for better control and supervision of schools.

        Shri. H. Hadem (HSPDP) was in favour of regularisation of the services of all teachers, while Shri. P.C. Marbaniang (HSPDP) regretted that the educational policy was in a mess throughout the country.

        Replying to the discussion, the Minister of State, Shri. U. Kharbuli informed the House that the Government was against unplanned growth of schools in the State. he also apprised the House that Government was seriously handicapped in respect of management and supervision of Primary education in view of the constitutional provision. He told the House that Government was definitely against indiscipline in schools. He expressed the hope that the Pay Commission would be able to put forward concrete suggestions for enhancement of the pay and emoluments of school teachers. He also expressed the anxiety of the Government to get the services of the school teachers regularised.


        (i) Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh (HSPDP) moved the following Resolution.

"Whereas the Community Development Department had constructed Rural Health Sub-Centres in each Development Block in the State, and Whereas the Government have appointed A.N.M.S. and Chowkidar in many of the above Sub-Centres;

   And Whereas these Sub-Centres are not functioning properly for want of medicines and other medical staffs.

    Now, therefore, this House recommends to the Government that the Sub-Centres be immediately take over by the Health Department"

        He advocated the need of taking over the Primary Health Sub-Centres by the Health Department to make these Health Institutions more useful to the rural people. Shri. E. Iawphniaw (HSPDP), Shri. B. Pakem (HSPDP) fell in line with the mover, while Shri. G. Mylliemngap (APHLC) opposed it on the ground that all modalities were already under way to take over these Sub-Centres by the Health Department.

        Replying to the discussion, the Minister of State for Health, Smti. M.D. Shira, informed the House that the Sub-Centres under the Community Blocks were meant for specially backward areas.

        (ii) Shri. E. Iawphniaw moved the following Resolutions.

"Whereas the Government had failed to conduct the poll at Hakumari polling stationed, Rambrai-Myriaw District Council Constituency, East Khasi Hills, on the 19th December, 1978 and to provide adequate security measures to enable the people to exercise their franchise and;

    Whereas the Government had fixed the 15th January, 1979 as the tentative dated for repoll in the above polling station and again failed to conduct the election due to inadequate arrangement and lack of protection to the people of that area culminating in depriving the people of the Rambrai- Myriaw Constituency to have their own elected representative in the Khasi Hills District Council;

   Now therefore, this House calls upon the Government of order a repoll without any further delay, as any procrastination would tantamount to a subversion of the democratic rights of the people.

        He recounted the events which took place at Hakumari on December 19, 1978 as a result of which the pool for the District Council had to be abandoned.


        The House was adjourned till 9.30 A.M. on Friday, the 23rd March, 1979.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.