Thursday, March 4, 1980.

The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Deputy Speaker in the Chair.


        Unstarred Questions Nos.1 & 2 were disposed of with supplementaries thereto.

2.    ZERO HOUR :

        Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition referred to the acute shortage of petrol, diesel and kerosene oils particularly in the Khasi Hills and complained that despite the scarcity, these are available in the block markets.

        In reply the Minister for Civil Supplies, Shri. Maham Singh, stated that the shortage was the effect of the mass agitation in Assam. He informed the House that all possible measures were being taken to ensure adequate supply of petroleum products in the State and expressed the hope that the position would improve in a few days' time.


        The Meghalaya (Extension and Application of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation) (Inner Line) Bill, 1979, by Shri. M.N. Majaw was referred to a Select Committee comprising of members to be named later for reporting back to the House on or before April 1, 1980, after some discussion wherein the following members beside the member-in-charge participated :

(i) Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh, Chief Minister;
(ii) Shri. W.A. Sangma, and
(iii) Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition.


        (i) The Chief Minister, Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh, concluded his reply on the discussion on the following resolution moved by Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition, on the 4th December, 1979 :

"This House, having taken serious note of uninterrupted influx of outsiders into Meghalaya thus adversely affecting the social, cultural and economic interest of the tribal people in the State, calls upon the State Government to immediately introduce suitable legislation along the lines of the Residential Permit Bill, 1973".

        He shared the anxiety of the members on the need to preserve the distinct identity of the tribal people in the State and informed the House that he had discussed at length this burning issue with the Chief Ministers of the north-eastern States during the last meeting of the North Eastern Council at Kohima to evolve joint approach to find out a solution to this problem.

        The Resolution was thereafter passed unanimously.

        (ii) Shri. P.R. Kyndiah moved :

"This House do now call upon the Government of India to take such steps as would ensure dilation of names of foreign nationals from the electoral rolls of Meghalaya".

        He emphasised that the above problem was a national issue facing the country.

        The following members also participated in the discussion who were in favour of the general spirit of the resolution:

(a) Shri. M.N. Majaw;
(b) Shri. L. Kharlukhi;
(c) Shri. B. K. Roy;
(d) Shri. M. Rahman;
(e) Shri. D.N. Joshi;
(f) Shri. B.W. Momin;
(g) Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh;
(h) Shri. W.A. Sangma;
(i) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen; and
(j) Shri. E.K. Mawlong.

        The participant named last could not conclude his speech for want of time.


        The House was adjourned by the presiding Chairman, Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy, till 9.30 A.M. on Wednesday, March 5, 1980.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly