Thursday, March 6, 1980.

        The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.

        It was a Private Members' Day.


        Unstarred question No.6 was disposed of with supplementaries.


        The Speaker delivered his ruling on the point of order raised by Shri. M.N. Majaw on November 28, 1979 on the constitutionality or otherwise of the use of English in transacting the business of the Assembly. He observed that Rule 28 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly has provided that the business of the Assembly shall be transacted in English. This provision in the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business might be construed as having the force of law, though it did not preclude the necessity of providing, by law, in the absence of the official language of the State, for the continued use of English in the transaction of business in the House, pending passing of a formal legislation for the purpose.


        Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition, called the attention of the Minister for Civil Supplied to the extreme hardship faced by the people in the State as a result of shortage of sugar and salt, and wanted to know the steps taken by the Government to meet the situation.

        The Deputy Chief Minister, Shri. S.D. Khongwir, replying on behalf of the Minister for Civil Supplies, stated that the Government was equally concerned about the extreme hardships of the people owing to the short supply of essential commodities in the State. He maintained that inspite of the shortage, which was mainly due to unsatisfactory and erratic flow of the commodities from the Central Pool, salt and sugar were still available in the market at reasonable price when compared to markets elsewhere in the country.

4.    MOTIONS :

        (i) Motion No.1 in the balloted list was not moved.

        (ii) Shri. B.G. Momin moved :

   "This House do now discuss the grievances of the Gram Sevaks and Gram Sevikas serving in the State."

        He wanted the posts of Gram Sevaks and Sevikas to be made permanent and their service conditions rationalised.

        The motion was supported by the following members :

(a) Shri. Mozibar Rahman;
(b) Shri. Obil Kyndait;
(c) Shri. M.N. Majaw;
(d) Shri. Tylli Kyndiah;
(e) Shri. G. Mylliemngap;
(f) Shri. S.P. Swer;
(g) Shri. E. Iawphniaw;
(h) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen;
(i) Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition.

        In reply the Minister for Community Development, Shri. P.G. Marbaniang, stated that the State Government was already in touch with the Centre in this respect and expressed his optimism on the outcome of this move.

        (iii) Shri. B.K. Roy moved :       

    "This House do now discuss the question of setting up a Police Outpost at Pynthorumkhrah, Shillong."

        Shri. Roy felt that the population of the sub-urban area would benefit most by this outpost.

        Shri. Medras Mylliem and Shri. L. Kharlukhi also participated in the discussion.

        Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh, Chief Minister, stated in reply that the setting up of Police network was not hitherto done on a rational basis. He added that the presence of only one Police battalion was not realistic and, therefore, the Government had represented to the Centre in this respect. He was hopeful that the Government of India would respond early.

        (iv) Shri. Tubarlin Lyngdoh Moved :

    "This House do now discuss the imperative need to complete the road from Nongstoin to Rangblang."

        He emphasised the importance of this road on the ground that it happened to be the only lifeline for the people inhabiting the eastern part of West Khasi Hills with the District Headquarters.

        Shri. E. Iawphniaw and Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh also spoke in favour of the motion.

        In reply the Minister for Public Works, Shri. H. Hadem, stated that the work suffered due to shortage of cement, explosives, and iron materials and he hoped that the work would be completed before long with the co-operation of all concerned.

        (v) Motion No.5 was not moved.

        (vi) Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy moved :

    "This House do now discuss the effect of the damming of the river at Mawphlang for the Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme on the Shella river and the people of the Shella area."

        He apprehended that even the reduction of flow of water in this river by 10% might have serious effect on the economic activities of the people of Shella area, particularly during the dry seasons. He, therefore, suggested modification of the scheme keeping this aspect in mind.

        Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh, Shri. L. Kharlukhi and Shri. P.R. Kyndiah also participated in the discussion.

        The Deputy Chief Minister, Shri. S.D. Khongwir, informed the House that Government had collected the necessary data as to how far the navigation in Shella area would be affected as a result of damming the Umiam river at Mawphlang. He maintained that as per expert opinion the river at Shella would still be navigable even after damming the river at Mawphlang.

        (vii) Motion No.7 was not moved due to the absence of the member.

        (viii) Shri. E. Iawphniaw moved :

    "This House do now discuss the imperative need to establish Primary Health Centres at Byrki, Maweit, Seinduli and Langpih within the shortest time possible."

        He complained that the only medical facility for the villages existed only at Nongstoin which could be covered on foot in a day and half.

        Shri. Medras Mylliem also fell in line with Shri. Iawphniaw.

        The Minister for Health, Shri. D.D. Lapang, stated that the villages fell within the Nongstoin Development Block and as per norms fixed by the Government of India a Development Block was entitled to only one Public Health Centre. He informed the House that under the specially Backward Scheme, the Government was contemplating upgradation of the existing Health Sub-Centres at Riangdo and Markasa and establishment of new Health Sub-centres at Kynrut and Nongkhyllem, by which, he hoped the medical needs of the regions will have met to a great extend.

        (ix) Shri. B.G. Momin moved :

    "This House do now discuss the long-standing demands of the Garos of Shillong for allotment of a plot of land for construction of School buildings in Shillong for the Garos."

        He pleaded with Government for a plot of land free of cost.

        Shri. Alfrien Marak, Shri. B.W. Momin and Shri. J.D. Pohrmen also spoke in favour of the motion.

        The Minister for Revenue, Shri. B. Pakem, stated that a plot of land was earlier selected for the purpose but this did not materialise due to some technical reason emanating from the Land Transfer Act. The Minister further stated that Government was thinking of providing another plot, which, unfortunately, was not free from encumbrances. He assured the House that it would continue in its effort to find a vacant plot for this purpose.

        (x) Shri. B.K. Roy moved :-

    "This House do now discuss the problem of relief and rehabilitation of the recent riot victims, compensation to the victims of arson and looting, and doing away or otherwise of the evacuee camps."

        As time was already up the discussion was postponed till the next available day.


        The House was adjourned till 9.30 A.M. on March 7, 1980.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly