Thursday, March 13, 1980.


The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.

        The day was devoted for transaction of Private Member's' business.


        Unstarred questions Nos.12 - 17 and 19 were disposed of with supplementaries thereto. Reply to unstarred question NO.18 was placed on the table.

2.    ZERO HOUR :

        (a) Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition, focused the notice of the House to the fact that various orchids which used to be in abundance in forests in Meghalaya had started disappearing as a result of export of orchids outside the State and due to wanton denudation of forests.

        The Minister for Forests, Shri. Fuller Lyngdoh Mawnai, stated that Government was contemplating opening of orchidaria for preserving the species of orchids in the State.

        (b) Shri. M.N. Majaw mentioned about the shortage of bitumen in the State by which the works of black topping of roads had greatly suffered.

        The Minister for P.W.D., Shri. H. Hadem, apprised the House of the cause of shortage of bitumen in the State.

        (c) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen complained that both the vehicles attached to the Civil Hospitals at Shillong and Jowai were of late not in running order causing much difficulties in the transportation of dead bodies.

        The Minister for Health, Shri. D.D. Lapang, informed the House that the vehicles had since been put to working order.


        The Speaker announced before the House that he had received a notice for adjournment of the business of the House under Rule 56 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business by Shri. P.R. Kyndiah, Leader of the Opposition, to discuss the situation arising out of the inhuman treatment meted out to the students arrested in Shillong on the 11th and 12th March, 1980, by the Meghalaya Police and the Central Reserve Police personnel.

        The Speaker observed that the object of the notice would be best served if it were converted into a Calling Attention Notice under Rule 54 instead of focusing the attention of the Hose through an Adjournment Motion, to which the House consented.

        The Notice was decided to be taken up on the 14th March, 1980.


        Shri. M.N. Majaw presented a petition on behalf of the farmers of Umlatara, Umtangan, Tyrso, Sohphoh, Umsohmatan and Ingsaw regarding release of massive volume of water from the Umiam Dam by the Meghalaya State Electricity Board.

5    MOTIONS :

        (i) Shri. B.K. Roy made his submission on the following motion moved by him on the 6th March, 1980 :-

    "This House do now discuss the problem of relief and rehabilitation of the recent riot victims, compensation to the victims of arson and looting, and doing away or otherwise of the evacuee camps."

        He dwelt at length on the need of rehabilitating the people affected by the last Shillong disturbances.

        Shri. D.N. Joshi and Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh also spoke on the Motion.

        Replying to the discussion, the Chief Minister, Shri. B.B. Lyngdoh, informed the House that Government was considering all possible measures as to how best this problem could be dealt with.

        (ii) Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh moved :-

    "This House do now discuss the need for effective protection of forests in the State."

        He made a special emphasis on the need of the Government's involvement in the management and control of forests in Meghalaya, particularly private forests.

        The following members also shared the views of the mover :-

(i) Shri. Beninstand G. Momin;
(ii) Shri. Jackman Marak;
(iii) Shri. E. Iawphniaw;
(iv) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen;
(v) Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy;
(vi) Shri. Tylli Kyndiah;
(vii) Shri. Jenden Ch. Marak; and
(viii) Shri. L. Kharlukhi.


        The House was adjourned by the Deputy Speaker till 9.30 A.M. on Friday, March 14, 1980.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.