Thursday, March 27, 1980

        The Assembly met at 9.30 A.M. with the Deputy Speaker in the Chair.

        The day was utilised for transaction of private members' business.


        Starred questions No.9 and 10 and unstarred questions Nos.110 to 120 were disposed of with supplementaries.

2.    MOTIONS :

        Shri. B.G. Momin continued with his submission on the following motion which was moved by him on March 13, 1980 :-

"This House do now discuss the functioning of the Dainadubi Forest Beat Office".

        The mover complained against the Range Officer of the Dainadubi Range Office for beating some villagers nearby the Range Office.

        The following members also participated in the discussion and demanded disciplinary action against the officer;

(i) Shri. J.C. Marak;
(ii) Shri. Alfrien Marak;
(iii) Shri. E. Iawphniaw;
(iv) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen;
(v) Shri. Crunden Sangma;
(vi) Shri. M.D. Shira.

        The Minister for Forests, Shri. Fuller Lyngdoh Mawnai, informed the House that the Government had caused an enquiry into the matter and that suitable action, if necessary, would be taken on receipt of the report.

        (b) Motion No.15 in the balloted list was not moved.

        (c) Shri. E. Iawphniaw moved :

"This House do now discuss the urgent need to upgrade the Mawkyrwat Administrative Unit to a Civil Sub-division with headquarters at Weiloi"

        He pleased in favour of upgrading the Administration Unit by including some more elakas within its territorial jurisdiction.

        The following members also supported the motion :-

(i) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen;
(ii) Shri. Medras Mylliem.

        Speaking on behalf of the Chief Minister, the Deputy Chief Minister, Shri. S.D. Khongwir, informed the House that the Government was already seized of the matter and a meeting of public leaders to take the final decision on the subject would be held very soon.

        (d) Shri. E. Iawphniaw moved :

"This House do now discuss the need to provide more fund to the Fishery Department for speedy development of fisheries in the State".

        He argued that vast potentiality existed for development of fisheries in the State and urged upon the Government to make the Fishery Department a major Department of the Government with increased fund allocation.

        The following members also participated and spoke in favour of the motion :-

(i) Shri. Akramozzaman;
(ii) Shri. J.D. Pohrmen;
(iii) Shri. Jenden Ch. Marak;
(iv) Shri. Tylli Kyndiah.

        The discussion could not be concluded for want of time.


        The House was adjourned by the presiding Chairman, Shri. S.D.D. Nichols Roy, till 9.30 A.M. on Friday, March 28, 1980.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.