Wednesday, April 1, 1981.

        The Assembly met at 10 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.

        It was a private members' day.


        Unstarred questions Nos. 344-352 were disposed of.


        Leave to introduce the Land Acquisition (Meghalaya Amendment) Bill, 1981, by U M.N. Majaw, was not granted as the Chair sustained an objection raised by the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to the effect that the financial memorandum appended to the Bill did not mention about any expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of the State if the Bill was to be enacted, whereas clauses 2 and 4 (2) of the Bill envisaged considerable expenditure.


        (i) The Minister incharge of Civil Supplies, Shri Maham Singh, concluded his reply on the discussion on the following motion moved by Shri Tylli Kyndiah on March 24, 1981 :-

        "This House do now discuss the working of the Food and Civil Supplies Department in the State."

        The Minister informed the House that there had been temporary shortage of foodstuff in the State during the later part of 1980 mainly because of the fact that the State's allotted quota did not reach Bongaigoan for shortage of railway wagons. He also informed the House that the supply position of kerosene had lately improved. The Minister reiterated that Government was all out to eradicate black marketing of essential commodities in the State.

        (ii) Shri Tylli Kyndiah moved :-

        "This House do now discuss the working of the Agriculture Department in the State."

        The mover laid stress on the need of distribution of high-yielding variety of seeds, increased subsidy for bonemeal and fertilizers, provision of adequate services of bull-dozers and power tillers and meaningful financial assistance to the farmers.

        Shri Mozibar Rahman justified the necessity for co-ordination of other Government Departments for successful implementation of agricultural programmes.

        The Leader of the Opposition, Shri P.R. Kyndiah, advocated for medium and long-term loans to agriculturists and for greater attention of the Department to control pests and diseases.

        In reply to the discussion, the Minister for Agriculture, Shri Fuller Lyngdoh Mawnai, apprises the House that the activities of the Agriculture Department were directed towards augmentation of food production so as to attain self-sufficiency in food. He disclosed before the House that the high-yielding seeds were not suitable for certain areas due to varying climatic conditions. He reminded the House that Government had all along been rendering assistance to the farmers in the form of loans, fertilizers, seeds etc.

        (iii) Motion No.5 of the 2nd batch of motions was not moved as the member was absent.

        (iv) Shri Tylli Kyndiah moved :-

        "This House do now discuss the working of the Power Department in the State."

        The member wanted to make certain observations which were ruled by the Chair as irrelevant to the subject matter.

        Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy complained that the Inspectorate of Electricity was understaffed and  hence no proper attention could be given to the rural areas with regard to safety measures.

        Shri P.R. Kyndiah stressed upon the necessity to oversea the general activities of the Meghalaya State Electricity Board by the Government.

        The following members also participated but most of their observations were not relevant to the subject matter :

(a) Shri J.D. Pohrmen
(b) Shri B.K. Roy
(c) Shri S.P. Swer.

        Replying to the point raised by Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy, the Minister for Power, Shri H. Hadem, informed the House that local youths were not easily forth coming to man the various posts like wireman and linesman.

        (v) Shri Tylli Kyndiah moved :

        "This House do now discuss the working of the Public Health Engineering Department in the State."

        The mover confined his observation on the proper implementation of the New Jowai Water, Supply Scheme.

        Shri J.C. Marak spoke on the completion of those schemes already in hand

        Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy stressed the importance of paying due attention on the public health aspect by the Department so as to ensure whether the water supplied was fit for human consumption.

        The discussion could not be concluded for want of time.


        The House was adjourned by the presiding Chairman, Shri Rowell Lyngdoh, till 10 A.M. on Thursday, April 2, 1981.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.