Tuesday, March 31, 1981.

        The Assembly met at 10 A.M. with the Speaker in the Chair.

        The day was utilised for private members' business.


        Starred questions Nos.33-35 were disposed of.


        Shri J.D. Pohrmen called the attention of the Minister incharge of Health to the news-item published in the "Implanter" of March 21, 1981, under the caption "Assistance for Traditional System of Medicine", and requested him to furnish details about the central assistance.

        The Minister for Health, Shri D.D. Lapang, apprised the House that a provision of Rs.1.54 lakhs was made in the budget for 1980-81 for development of Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and other traditional systems of medicines.


        (i) The Meghalaya Official Languages Bill, 1981 introduced by U M.N. Majaw was referred to a Select Committee composed of the following members for examination and report by June, 30, 1981, on a motion being moved to that effect by the Member-in-charge :-

(a) Mr. S.D. Khongwir                 . . .  Chairman.
(b) Mr. Salseng C. Marak             . . .    Member.
(c) U M.N. Majaw                       . . .   Member.
(d) Mr. Bronson W. Momin          . . .   Member.
(e) Mr. Rowell Lyngdoh                . . .   Member.
(f) Mr. S.P. Swer                         . . .   Member.
(g) Mr. Bakstar Wanniang             . . .   Member.
(h) Mr. Upstar Kharbuli                . . .   Member.
(i) Mr. D.D. Pugh                        . . .   Member.
(j) Mr. J.D. Pohrmen                    . . .   Member.

        (ii) The introduction of the Land Acquisition (Meghalaya Amendment) Bill, 1981, by U M.N. Majaw was deferred till April 1, 1981, so that the relevant extracts from the parent Act could first be furnished to the members.


        1. The House resumed further discussion on the following resolution moved by Shri P.R. Kyndiah on March 17, 1981 :-

"This House, having taken note of the deterioration in civic services at Shillong, does hereby urge upon the State Government to take immediate steps to revamp the Shillong Municipal Administration with a view to providing improved civic amenities to the citizens of Shillong."

        There was a protracted discussion in which the following members took part :-

(i) Shri S.P. Swer,
(ii) Dr. B.K. Roy,
(iii) Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy,
(iv) Shri J.D. Pohrmen,
(v) Shri Bhaskar Choudhury,
(vi) Shri Rowell Lyngdoh,
(vii) Shri D.N. Joshi,
(viii) Shri Mozibar Rahman,
(ix) Shri Upstar Kharbuli.

        Most of the participants dwelt on the various lapses of the Shillong Municipality in matters of extending civic amenities to the public.

        The Minister incharge of Municipal Administration, Shri H. Hadem, informed the House that Government had done its best to strengthen the management of  the Shillong Municipality and hoped that the Municipal elections would take place within a few months' time.

        2. U M.N. Majaw moved :-

"This House hereby resolves that the Government of India be urged to bring in legislation to suitably amend Articles 330, 332 and 334 of the Constitution of India to restore reservation of seats in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly for the Scheduled Tribes of the State and also in the House of the People."

        The mover apprehended that the composition of the Assembly would change in the near future if the reservation was not restored.

        Shri S.D.D. Nichols Roy reiterated the necessity for the reservation of seats in as much as the Residential Permit Bill and the Inner Line Regulations could not be implemented.

        Shri W.A. Sangma informed the House that he had been given to understand by the officers of the Home Ministry in New Delhi that the Government of India would have a fresh look into the matter.

        Replying to the discussion, the Chief Minister stated that the State Government took all conceivable measures in furtherance of the unanimous resolution passed by the House in March 31, 1980 on the same subject. He also apprised the House that the Government of India had taken up the matter seriously, as was evident from their telegram addressed to him on that very issue.

        The Chief Minister could not conclude his reply for want of time.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.