Tuesday, March 23, 1982


        The Assembly met at 10 A.M. with the Deputy Speaker in the Chair.

        The day was utilised for transaction of Private Members' Business.


        Unstarred questions Nos.2-57 were disposed of.

        The Chief Minister, Shri W.A. Sangma, made a statement under Rule 33(7) in respect of unstarred questions Nos.38, 317, 361 and 366, asked during the Winter Session 1982, stating the reasons for the inability of the Department to furnish reply in time.

        The Minister for Community Development, Shri H. Hadem, also made a statement relating to unstarred questions Nos.52 and 130 which were put during the same session, and reply to which were not forthcoming within the specified time.


        The Chief Minister apprised the House that the Garo Hills District Council was being summoned at 11 A.M. on the 27th March, 1982, to elect its Chief Executive Member.


        (i) U M.N. Majaw moved :

"This House, while approving of the recommendations made by the Committee on Petitions in its Third Report to the Assembly, hereby calls upon the State Government to ensure that none of the farmers living along the banks of the River Umiam who actually suffered the loss of their crops is denied the relief proposed by the Committee in its Report."

        The Minister for Power, Shri Grosswell Mylliemngap, told the House that the M.S.E.B had earmarked an amount of Rs.2.50 lakhs for distribution to the affected people in deference to the recommendation of the Petitions Committee.

        The resolution was thereafter withdrawn by leave of the House.

        (ii) Shri P.R. Kyndiah moved :

"This House, aware of the menace caused by the inflow of foreign nationals into the State of Meghalaya, does hereby urge upon the State Government to take steps to deport all infiltrated foreign nationals."

        The mover apprehended that influx of foreign nationals into the State was still continuing.

        Shri S.P. Swer and U M.N. Majaw shared the view of the mover, while Dr. B.K. Roy supported the spirit of the  resolution but opposed the mode of deportation suggested by the participants.

        The Chief Minister assured the House that the Government would not be complacent till the foreign nationals question was finally settled and to that end  solicited every possible co-operation from the public leaders and the people of the State  alike.

        The resolution was withdrawn by leave of the House.


        (i) U M.N. Majaw moved :

        "This House do now discuss the incidence of corruption in the administrative functioning of the Government of Meghalaya."        

        The mover cited a few cases of alleged corruption in the Departments of Municipal Administration, Transport, Police and Revenue.

        The Chief Minister told the House that he had taken note of the allegations. He assured the members that Government was fully seized with the problem of rooting out corruption from the administration and made a detailed statement regarding the steps taken by Government at various official level deal with this menace.

        (ii) Shri P.R. Kyndiah moved :

"This House, in consideration of the vital role played by the IAS & I.P.S. personnel in the administration of the State and the need that these services function effectively as also to widen scope for promotion to the officers of the State Civil Service, proposes to separate the existing joint cadre for overall interest of the State."

            The mover was of the view that the question of separation of the cadre warranted review.

        Shri S.D.D. Nichols-Roy and Dr. B.K. Roy expressed identical views with the mover.       

        The Chief Minister pleaded for more time to enable the Government to exercise its mind on the pros and cons of the separation of the cadre.

        (iii) Shri J.D. Pohrmen moved :

"This House do now discuss the urgent need to establish health centres at Shangpung village and at Nongjngi village in Jaintia Hills."

        The mover made his submission to the effect that the said village were two of the large and congested villages in Jaintia Hills and that no medical or health facilities were available  in the near vicinity.

        In reply, the Minister for Health, Shri D.D. Lapang, stated that it was the policy of the Government to provide health facilities to every nook and corner of the State in the coming decade and that the villages identified by the mover would be no exception.

        (iv) Motion No.4 in the balloted list was not moved as the Member was absent.

        (v) Shri J.D. Pohrmen moved :

"This House do now discuss the need of giving supporting price for betel nut through the Meghalaya State Co-operative Marketing and Consumers' Federation Ltd., Shillong."

        The mover could not complete his observation for want of time.


        The presiding Chairman, Shri Mozibar Rahman, adjourned the House till 10 A.M. on Wednesday, March 24, 1982.

Sd/- T. Cajee,


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.