(Tuesday, the 2nd April, 1991)

        The House met at 10 A.M. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Members' Business. 

1. Questions :

        Starred Questions Nos.86 to 105 with Supplementaries were disposed of. Unstarred Questions Nos.26 to 61 were also disposed of. 

2. Announcement from the Chair :

        The Speaker informed the House that on 18th March, 1991 during the address of the Governor, two photographers, Shri Shankar Bhattacharjee of Assam Studio and another Shri Amar Khan of Karuz entered the Chamber without obtaining any permission and took some photographs inside the House and that the two above named photographer were summoned to appear before the House to explain their conduct. 

        The following Members while speaking some in favour and others against the bringing of the two photographers to explain their conduct inside the House, briefly expressed their views the consensus being that since they had committed the offence with no malafide intention, they should not be brought inside the House, but the House delegate full power to the Speaker to take action whichever he deems fit and proper in his office chamber and not inside the House itself. 

1. Shri G.S. Massar.
2. Shri E.K. Mawlong ( Minister in-charge Parliamentary Affairs )
3. Shri P.A.Sangma. 
4. Shri Friday Lyngdoh.
5. Shri Robert Kharshiing.
6. Shri H. Suchiang.
7. Shri B.G.Momin. ( Minister in-charge Food & Civil Supply )
8. Shri H.S.Shylla.
9. Shri O.L. Nongtdu.
10.  Shri K.C Boro.
11. Shri P.K.Raswai.
12. Shri D.D. Lapang.
13. Shri B.N. Lyngdoh.
14. Shri S.P. Swer, ( Minister in-charge P.H.E.).

        The Speaker put the Question before the House, that any action to be taken against the two photographers be done in his Chamber or not; the motion was carried and the House unanimously agreed that they should be brought in the Speaker's Chamber.

3. Motions :

        Shri Robert Kharshiing resumed discussion on Motion No.3 which was not concluded earlier. He suggested following steps for development of afforestation in the State of Meghalaya.

        (a) Direct funding by the Forest Department to the Village councils.

        (b) Permission to be obtained from the competent authority to cut down trees provided the tree endangers the safety of his/her House.

        (c) Compulsory afforestation even though permission was accorded for every tree cut down. 

        (d) The Forest Department to convene a joint meeting of church leaders and the Police Department to tackle afforestation on a war footing.

        (e) Stoppage of earning money through Forest contractors by means of benami transaction.

        (f) The Department should initiate action that every representative of the people including the MLAs to begin planting trees. 

        (g) Roads and other communications be improved in the village of Nongryngkoh to help the people to grow more oranges and to transport this product to the markets.

        (h) The Government should consider payment of compensation to the District Councils with money they now derived from forest resources.

        (i) That a task force be set up to see that removal of timer and felling of trees is safeguarded and that the catchment areas are protected.

4. Statement by the Minister in-charge, C & R.D. in matters pertaining to Starred Question No.74 dated 28th March, 1991.

        Shri S.L.Marbaniang, Minister in-charge, C & R.D. made a elaborate statement giving more clarifications to his replies to Starred Question No.74 of 28th March, 1991.

5. Discussions on Motion No.3 :

        The House resumed discussion on Motion No.3 which was just concluded by Shri R. Kharshiing.

        The following members participated :- 


Shri K.C. Boro.


Shri G.S. Massar.


Shri P.K.Raswai.

        Shri A. Lyngdoh, Minister in-charge Forest gave a detailed reply to the various points raised by the mover and other participants. Beginning from the structural pattern of staff and the functioning of the Forest Department he touched upon all the points and suggestions raised in the discussion and informed the House of measures adopted to develop afforestation and to enhance Forest resources in the State.

        Shri P.G. Momin, moved motion No.4 :-

        This House do now discuss about the functioning of the Agriculture Department including Minor Irrigation.

        Initiating the discussion, Shri Momin laid stress on the need to develop Horticulture. He highlighted Various schemes taken up during 1988-89, 1989-90 implemented on Horticulture making a comparative study of the achievements. He urged the Government to consider raising nurseries to generate surplus planting materials and that the fund earmarked for this purpose should be utilised fully by the Department. As regards general agriculture, he emphasised on the optimum used of all productive and arable land to boost foodgrain production by the application of high yielding variety of seeds increasing farm activity, use of fertilizers, plant protection techniques and irrigation facilities. He opposed diversion of funds from agriculture and other heads of accounts. He encouraged the use of multiple cropping in irrigated lands throughout the State to increase the yield of foodgrain.

        Shri H.Suchiang participated in the discussion. His discussion was inconclusive and he will continue in the next Session.

6. Announcement from the Chair :

        The Speaker in pursuance of the discussion of the House earlier in the morning informed the House that the two photographers were summoned by him to his Chamber to explain their conduct and they have pleaded ignorance of the rules that photography is prohibited inside the Chamber of the House and that when they had been asked to give photographic coverage on the occasion of Governor's address before the House, they simply followed the procession escorting the Governor into the Chamber and then started shooting some photos. He further apprised the House that they have pleaded guilty of committing such a mistake with no ulterior motive and they profusely tendered their apology before him with an assurance that they will never repeat the mistake in future. The case was dropped and the matter was set at rest.

7. Prorogation :

        The House stood prorogued at 2 P.M., after the business listed for the day were disposed of.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.