(Thursday March 21, 1991)


        The House met at 10 A.M. with Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for transaction of Government Business.

1. Questions :

        Starred Questions No.14 to No.18 with supplementaries thereto were disposed of. Similarly, Unstarred Questions No.2 to No.4 were disposed of. 

2. Debate on Governor's Address :

        Shri Dhabal Chandra Burman supported the amendment to the motion of thanks. He regretted that the Governor's Address did not spell out any concrete policies in the agricultural sector, on mobilisation of resources to boost industries and with regard to the physically handicapped.         

        Shri D.N.Joshi reiterated the need for protection of the rights and privileges of the minorities in the State. He suggested that due percentage of reservation should also be given to them for employments in the State Government. He suggested that the blanket ban on transfer and purchase of lands by non-tribals be lifted and urged the Government that their fundamental rights should be restored to ensure a sense of security. He requested the Government and the District Councils to consider issuing trading licences to them for running business. He further, requested the Government to take steps to regulate supply of electricity to the pumping machines at Mawphlang to augment supply of drinking water. He suggested a sort of task force to be deployed to prevent felling of trees in the catchment areas. He urged the Government to hold the election to the Shillong Municipality as soon as possible and to start preparation of electoral rolls and to restore the civic rights to the people of the Shillong  Municipality areas.

        Shri H.Suchiang also supported the amendment to the Motion of Thanks. He regretted the non-inclusion of programmes in regard to Public Undertakings in the Governor's Address and its silence on Joint Cadastral Survey of boundaries, Rural Electrification programmes etc. He wanted to know the number of villages that have been electrified so far and the date when the stage IV project will be commissioned. He pleaded for the establishment of Railway Out Agency in Jowai by the MTC. He endorsed the view of the mover with regard to a change in the curriculum and syllabi for schools. He opined that training be imparted to teachers to help them to acquaint with new curriculum. He requested the Government to post Doctors, Nurses and para medical staff to Sohsniang PHC in his Constituency. He wanted that the correction be made in the total number of villages to be covered under Rural Water Supply Scheme of the PHE Department at para 33 of the Address and that the Consumers Protection Forums in the State and District level should be revitalised for the benefit of the people and finally, he requested the Government to see that the construction of a Jail in Jowai for under-trial prisoners be completed.

        Shri Purno A. Sangma, Leader of Opposition while congratulating the Governor for his address supported the amendment to the motion of thanks. He regretted that the Governor's Address did not outline the broad achievements of the Government during the year 1990-1991 nor did it spell out policies and programmes for the current financial year 1991-1992. He described the Government as a non-performer and said the year was full of frustrations and sufferings to the people of Meghalaya. He cited various instances supported by statistics to give a clear picture of the achievement made by the earlier Government and the present Government respectively. He wanted a categorical reply from the Chief Minister as to the reasons why the Governor was silent on other development programmes like Rural Electrification, Mobilisation of Resources, Revenue, Taxation etc. He advocated the necessity of taking over of primary education permanently by the Government. He requested that a correction should be made by the Government with regard to para 33 of the address relating the total number of village to be benefited by the Scheme. He was against the diversion and channelisation of funds from one department to another in the name of Special Works Programmes. He held the Government responsible for the failure to implement development schemes in time.

3. Adjournment

        Since there was no other participant and the time was almost up, the House rose at 1.59 P.M. and stood adjourned till 10 A.M. on Friday, 22 March, 1991.

Sd/- T. Cajee,


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.