(March 22, Friday 1991)

        The House met at 10 A.M. with Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for transaction of Government Business. 

1. Questions :

        Starred Questions Nos. 19-21 with supplementaries thereto were disposed of. Starred Questions No.22 and No.23 were withdrawn by Shri H.Suchiang.

2. Statement by Minister in-charge Revenue pertaining to his reply to Supplementary Questions to starred Question No. (Dated 19.3.1991)

        Shri J.M.Pariat, Minister in-charge Revenue made a statement in the House correcting his earlier reply to Starred Question No.1 of 19.3.91 raised by Shri J.D.Pohrmen. He informed the House that there are only fresh claims and no counter-claims. 

3. Debates on Governor's Address.

        Mrs. M. War rose to participate in the debate on the Governor's Address. She supported the amendment to the Motion of Thanks. Referring to the paras in the Governor's Address, she wanted to know from the Government why  the Joint Cadastral Survey of  boundaries  was not done till date and also in regard to the slow pace of Socio-Economic Development in her Constituency. She stated that measures taken by the Government in this respect were much much lopsided and urged the Government to seriously take note of this to remove the discrimination between the rural and urban population. She also pleaded for early implementation of rural electrification by electrifying more villages in her Constituency. She drew the attention of the Government to her unstarred question No.12 during the last session i.e., 4th December, 1990 in connection with the Civil Sub-Divisions for Pynursla and Mawthengkut which decision could not be implemented owing to tight financial opposition. However, she reiterated her stand on the new creation of the above two Civil Sub-Divisions to bring the people nearer to the administration. She opposed the idea of extending quest Houses in Delhi, Calcutta and Shillong.

        Shri G.S. Massar, supported the Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address. He differed with the mover of the amendment that no mention had been made with regard to taking over of Primary Education permanently by the Government, protection of the minorities and diversion/channelisation of funds. On the contrary, he lauded the Government for the various achievements it had rendered during the last few months. He argued that the diversion and channelisation of funds was done with a view to involve the people directly in the developmental activities.

        As regards protection of minorities, he opined that it is quite unnecessary for the Governor to mention in detail on this subject since it has been  already provided under Articles of the Constitution. He endorsed the suggestion of Mrs M. War for creation of two other Civil Sub-Divisions viz., Pynursla and Mawthengkut to bring administration closer to the people. 

        Shri H.S.Shylla, supported the amendment to the motion of Thanks. He highlighted on what he termed the weak commitment and rhetoric's of the Government to ward off problems faced by the farmers and the over increasing number of unemployed in the State. He also made a special reference to obscene posters by the cinema owners which have been given a very bad impression to every right-thinking citizen. He requested the Government to look into it urgently. Making a reference to the Chakki Mills, Shri Shylla remarked that there are only 4 Chakki Mills and the rest are only on paper and that there are the actual allotment of wheat by the Central Government to Meghalaya had never reached these Chakki Mills and that this quota was diverted to other States. He appealed to the Government that a Committee comprising MLAs from both sides of the House should be constituted and the matter should be referred to the CBI for investigation. He focused the attention of the Government to the recent notifications by the Food and Civil Supplies Department with regard to the appointment of Stockists and Whole-Sellers in the East Khasi Hills District.

        Shri J.D.Rymbai also supported the amendment to the Motion of Thanks. He informed the House about the intrusion by the Army Operation "Bajrang" into the areas in his Constituency during November last year. He apprehended that the Government of Assam did it intentionally with ulterior motive to justify their claims that these land belong to them.

4. Adjournment :

        Since there were no other participants, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House at 11.35 A.M. to meet again at 10 A.M. on Monday 25 March, 1991.

Sd/- T. Cajee,


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.