(Tuesday, March 26th, 1991)

        The House met at 10 A.M. with the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the  transaction of Government Business. 

1. Questions :

        Starred Questions Nos.34 to 38 with Supplementaries thereto were disposed of.

2. Voting on Supplementary Demands for Grants :

        Demand No.1 was passed without any cut motion. 

        Shri K.C. Boro moved his cut motion to Demand No.2. He discussed at length on the excessive expenditures incurred by Ministers for undertaking various tours inside and outside the State. He alleged that the expenditure was the highest this time in comparison to the preceding years, because of the size of the present Ministry which was not commensurate with the size of the State and the increasing number of cars used by the Ministers which tell heavily upon the State exchequer. He wanted that their tours should be result and development oriented.

        The following Members supported the cut motion :- 

1. Shri O.L. Nongtdu.
2. Shri H. Suchiang.
3. Shri P.K Raswai.
4. Shri Salseng C. Marak.
5. Shri H.S. Shylla.

        Replying to the cut motion of Shri K.C. Boro, the Chief Minister informed the House that the size of the Ministry has no bearing with the size of the State. He stated Meghalaya has increased manifold than what it was in 1970-71, when it had only 5 Minister. As regards joint tours by Ministers, he also apprised the House that it was unavoidable when they received a demand from the public that they should be present on such occasions. 

        On the question of increased expenditure on P.O.Ls he assured the House that the Government was alive to this problem and that strict economy was being exercised in all spheres of activities.

        Since the hon.Member was not willing to withdraw the cut motion, his cut motion was put to vote and lost.

        Thereafter, the House passed Demand No.2

        Demand Nos.3,4,5,6 and 7 were passed without any cut motion.

        Since Shri K.C. Boro and Shri P.K.Raswai have withdraw their cut motion to Demand No.8, the House also passed Demand 8. Demand No.9 was also passed without cut motion.

        Shri H.Suchiang moved his cut motion to Demand No.10. He ventilated the problem of over-crowding of the Shillong Jail. He stated that this Jail was occupied over its capacity. He suggested that more Jails should be constructed in District Headquarters so that the under-trial prisoners could be segregated from the main convicts and to ensure a degree of hygienic amenities to them as also to prevent the spread of communicable diseases among the inmates.

        The following Members supported the cut motion :- 

        1. Shri J.D.Pohrmen

        2. Shri H.S.Shylla.

        Replying to the cut motion moved by Shri H.Suchiang, Shri S.R. Moksha, Minister in-charge Jails informed the House that steps have been taken by the Government to construct new Jails in the District Headquarters specially Shillong and Jowai to meet the inadequate capacity faced by the inmates and to improve the facilities to them and to ensure maintenance of sanitation. With this end in view the Minister also stated that the Government had been striving hard to acquire suitable land in the cut skirts of Shillong for this new Jail complex. He also informed that various other steps are being taken for early construction of District Jails at Jowai, Sub-Divisional Jails at Mairang and Nongpoh.

        Shri H.Suchiang withdraw his cut motion after the reply of the Minister in-charge. Demand No.10 was then passed by the House. 

        Demand No.11 was passed without cut motion.

        Moving his cut motion to Demand No.12 Shri H.Suchiang discussed in details on the irregularities arising cut of L.T.C. claims of different Government offices. He suggested that the procedure so far adopted by the departments should be changed and that a lumpsum amount (encashment) as an entitlement right be given to every employee compulsorily. Whether or not he/she would like to avail L.T.C.

        Shri Bires Nongsiej, Minister in-charge Home Guard and Civil Defence in reply to the above cut motion apprised the House that the primary objective of the hon. mover was to do away with the present procedure for L.T.C. made available to the Government employee. Since this question relates to the policy decision of the Government he could not give a categorical reply. However, he assured the hon.Member that he will take up the matter with the Government to examine the proposal of giving a lumpsum amount. the cut motion was then withdraw by Shri Suchiang and Demand No.12 was passed.

        Demand No.13 was not moved and as such was passed by the House.

        Demand No.14 was passed without any cut motion.

3. Adjournment :

        The House rose at 1.25 P.M. and stood adjourned till 10 A.M. on Wednesday, the 27th March, 1991.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.