(Thursday, the 28th March, 1991)

        The House met at 10 A.M. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Members' Business.

1. Questions :

        Starred Questions Nos.61 to 76 with Supplementaries thereto were disposed of. 

2. Resolution :

        Shri P.K.Raswai moved Resolution No.1 :-

        " Whereas, no good road communications exist linking the remote villages in West Khasi Hills with the Sub-Divisional and District Head quarters ;

        Whereas the villagers have to face immense difficulties in travelling to Mawkyrwat and Nongstoin for attending to all public works concerning the development and welfare of their areas ; 

        This House do now resolve to urge upon the Government to take immediate steps to improve all the existing roads in the West Khasi Hills so as to make the sub-divisional and District Headquarters easily accessible by the people".

        He elaborated on the deplorable condition of roads in Constituency, non-repairs of the existing roads and the non-implementation of the new schemes. He drew the attention of the Government to the in completed roads already taken up in the past few years to which the distance of few kilometres had been left. He urged the Department to construct more roads linking them with the National Highways to uplift the economic conditions of the people of the West Khasi Hills District in general and his Constituency in particular, to remove the backwardness from these areas.

        Shri Salseng C. Marak and Smti M. War supported the Resolution airing the grievances of the areas they represented

        In reply to the above Resolution, Shri S. Slangsha, Minister in-charge P.W.D.(Road & Bridges) informed the mover that twenty new road schemes in the different parts of the West Khasi Hills District will be sanctioned by the Government during 1991, and these roads when completed will link more villages with the district and sub-divisional headquarters like :- 

        1. Umthli - Maweit Road.

        2. Laitkseh - Marngar Road via Markasa.

        3. Nongstoin Mawkawah and Nongpyndeng Seijlieh Road.

        4. Jakrem Ranikor Road (Nongnah to Keniong)

        5. Umpung - Mawpud Road to connect Mawkyrwat. 

        (The Resolution was then withdrawn)

        Shri H.Suchiang moved Resolution No.2 :-

        " Whereas, the Government by its notification issued in April, 1989, had published a draft of directions which were intended to regulate the taxi fares in the State by installation of meters in the motor cabs;

        And whereas, the travelling public continue to suffer for the non-implementation of the proposals in the draft of directions;

        Now, therefore, this House resolves to urge upon the Government to introduce the meter system on all the Motor cabs (Taxis) in the State of Meghalaya with immediate affect".

        Urging upon the Government to introduce the meter system on all motor cabs (Taxis) in the State, Shri H.Suchiang failed to understand why the notification issued by the Transport Department in April, 1989 was not implemented till date. He emphasised on the necessity to install meters on taxis to relieve tourists and travelers from inconveniences and for charging uniform fares and freights by the taxi drivers. 

        Shri D.N.Joshi supported Resolution :-

        The Minister in-charge Transport Smti M.D. Shira replied to the Resolution moved by Shri H.Suchiang. 

        She referred to the Government Notification of April, 1989 which was published by the Department inviting views and comments from the public vis-a- vis draft directions to regulate taxi fares and installation of meters in the motor cabs. She apprised the House that the Government is aware of the problems faced by the public while travelling in motor cabs and is seriously considering introduction of a meter system, but regrets that this could not be implemented in the absence of relevant rules. She went on to state that the M.L.A. 1988 had empowered the State Government make rules for the above purpose. Accordingly, the rules had been drafted in 1989 and were sent to the Law Department in November the same year for their examination and approval; unfortunately, no reply has  been received so far. She cited other instances as why meters could not be installed now, like the type of meters suitable for use in Meghalaya and other technical difficulties. 

        (Shri H.Suchiang withdraw his Resolution No.2 after clarification by the Minister in-charge)

3. Motions :

        Shri Lot Singh Sangma resumed discussion of motion No.3 which was inconclusive. He wanted to know from the Government what steps have been taken to appoint the 12 members of Forest Guards that have been  recommended by the District Selection Committee and to the rate of the five others who were terminated. With regard to the Eco-Development Society Schemes which was implemented as far back in 1987 to develop Balpakram National Park, he wanted to know the amount sanctioned for this Development Society and its coverage. He expressed doubts whether school buildings under this scheme in different villages in his Constituency have been completed or not. About acquisition of land for the Balpakram National Park he wanted to know from the Government about steps taken to rehabilitate those twenty-two families from Rongjeng- Phaweng who had been shifted to Rongra and Mashikhat for the development of this park.

        Shri Robert Kharshiing participated in the Motion. He was speaking till the House took up item 4 and will continue on the next day allotted for Private Members' Business Day. 

4. Discussion under Rule 49-

    Matters arising out of replies to Starred Question No.12 of 29th March, 1991.

        Shri H.Suchiang raised a discussion against the replies of the Minister in-charge Fisheries to his Starred Question No.12 of 20.3.1991 on which a similar Question was posed by him on 7.6.90. He alleged that the replies given by the Minister In-charge were not satisfactory but simply stated "could not be taken up" and that there was no agreement with the District Council or M.E.S.E.B. for the development of  Umiam Lake and Umtrew Lake. Based on the papers he had, Shri Suchiang pointed out that both these schemes were included in the annual plan of 1972-73, 1973-74 for one lakh.

        He wanted to know why the Minister could not give correct reply for the non-implementation of the scheme. 

        The Minister in-charge informed the hon. member that development of Reservoir Schemes include not only for Umiam and Umtrew Lakes. In 1972-73 Rs.30,000 was sanctioned for purchase of a jeep under the scheme. In 1973-74, the Minister incharge added, an amount of Rs.60,000/- was initially approved for development of reservoir but owing to a cut in Central assistance only Rs.50,000/- was used for purchase of sausage nets and that during 1975-76, 1976-77 the amount of Rs.1 lakh for each year was surrendered because of non-signing of agreement with the District Council. As regard Umtrew Lake, he informed that this scheme is being taken up by the N.E.C. and is expected to  be completed by July, 1991.

5. Adjournment :

        The House rose at 2 P.M. and stood adjourned till 10 A.M. on Monday the 1st April, 1991.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.