The House met  at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Members' Business.


        Shri E.K. Mawlong, raised a point of order in regard to the delay in the circulation of Assembly Papers to the Members and alleged that these important papers connected with the Assembly-in Session were received by the Members this morning only thus putting them in a very embarrassing position. 

        The Deputy Speaker, told the House that the incident was unavoidable in view of the defective machineries of the Assembly Printing Press which has set an operation just recently.


        Starred Questions No.88 - No Supplementary. Starred Question No.89 - Questioner absent and the question lapsed. Question No.93, questioner was absent and this question will be taken up tomorrow, the 22.3.95. Starred questions No.86, 87, 90, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, with the Supplementaries thereto were disposed of. Questions Nos.97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 and 127 were not asked.


        Smti R. Warjri, called the Attention of the Minister incharge Health & Family Welfare under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure to news item published in " U Nongsainhima " dated 9th March, 1995, under the caption " Liem ka D.H.S. Pynksan ka Ing Bishar ia ka M.N. Lyngdoh " 

        Drawing the attention of the Health Minister to the above news item she suggested for a definite policy of the Government in the matter of selection of candidates and asked for the reasons that have compelled M.N. Lyngdoh to seek justice in the  Court of Law.

        Shri E.K. Mawlong took part and desired to know of the latest position and the stand of the Government in this regard.

        Dr. F.A. Khonglam, Health and Family Welfare Minister replying to the points raised by the hon. Member from Mawkhar apprised that Shrimati M.N. Lyngdoh had been placed on the waiting list for studying MBBS Course outside the State and that on 5th August, 1994 she intimated the Department  that she wanted to undergo the Bachelor of Electronics Engineering and thereby she had forfeited Rs.8000/- to the Education Department as laid down in the bond already executed between her and the department and, hence, her seat was allotted to some one else. He further stated  stated that the request by her father to stay her name in the waiting list of MBBS Candidates was turned  down by the State Government and as such Shrimati M.N. Lyngdoh had to proceed to the High Court which  subsequently passed a directive to the Health Department for re-allotment of a seat to M.N. Lyngdoh from State Government quota.


        Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh moved " whereas the channelisation of Government funds to the MLAs have induced a greater degree of public participation and whereas, the quality of such development schemes through such channelisation has been generally good ;

        Now, therefore, this House do now resolve that the allocation of funds for each Constituency be increased to Rs.20 Lakhs.

        Moving his resolution, Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh commended the efforts of the Government to continue the scheme with a view to uplift the conditions of the public at large and for the development of the State. He pleaded for an enhancement of the amount for each M.L.A.

        Others Members who participated in support and opposition to the resolution included :-

1. Shri G.S. Massar 2. Shri Constantine Lyngdoh.
3. Shri E.K .Mawlong 4. Smti R. Warjri
5. Shri S.D. Khongwir 6. Shri O.N. Shyrmang
7. Shri M. Suchiang 8. Dr. Mukul Sangma
9. Shri M.I. Sarkar 10. Shri B.B. Lyngdoh
11. Shri H.S. Shylla 12. Shri A.L. Hitler Marak
13. Shri H.D.R. Lyngdoh.

        Shri Kitdor Syiem, Minister incharge C & R.D. Department in reply to various points raised by the mover of the resolution and the participants stated that guidelines would be reviewed and modified by the Government for the continuation of this scheme and to appoint more technical personnel in the Blocks for a quick disposal of works at the block level.

        He also informed that the idea to earmarked the schemes into plan schemes had been accepted by the Planning Commission and told that for 1995-96 the amount for S.R.W.P. has projected at Rs.10 Lakhs for each M.L.A. per Constituency. He appealed to the MLAs to send proposals in time for better implementation of the schemes.

        ( The resolution was withdrawn by the mover with the leave of the House ).

        Shri E.K. Mawlong moved :

        " This House do now resolve to urge upon the State Government to recommend to the Government of India for constructing an alternative and viable airport at Madan Umwang of Ri Bhoi District."

        He discussed in details on the need to have an alternative and viable airport at Madan Umwang and appealed to the State Government to think over this important project by floating equity and invite private investments to come forward and undertake the construction of this project provided it is found feasible for the greater interest of the public and to promote Tourism.

        Shri B.B. Lyngdoh and Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh supported the resolution whereas Shri S.L. Marbaniang opposed.

        Shri M. Kharchandy, Minister incharge Transport apprised the hon. Member from Umroi that the State Government had communicated to the Central Government for the upgradation of the Umroi Airport for Boeings 747 and for the construction of a new airport at Baljek in Garo Hills but unfortunately, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had informed the State Government that upgrading the Umroi airport it will involve huge expenditure for the installation of sophisticated navigational equipments and for expansion of the run-way to suit the operation of Boeings 747. He also pointed out other difficulties and problems which are standing on the way for upgradation of the existing airport  at Umroi by the Indian Airlines Authority. He assured the House that the State Government will take up with the Ministry of Civil Aviations and the Airport Authority of India to conduct further investigations before any final decision is taken.

        ( The resolution was thereafter withdrawn by the mover with leave of the House )


        The House rose at 2 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the 22nd March, 1995.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly