(Wednesday, the 24th June, 1998)

        The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government business.


        Starred questions Nos.5 to 9 with Supplementaries and No.10 without supplementary were replied. Unstarred questions Nos. 18 to 30 to which written replies given, were laid on the tables.


        Shri S.S. Lyngdoh, Minister incharge Taxation, made a statement to the House correcting printing mistakes which have appeared in the various clauses provisions of the Meghalaya Taxation Laws (Amendment) Bill, 1998.


        Replying to the points raised by the mover of the cut motion and other participants, Shri S.S. Lyngdoh, Taxation Minister, apprised that the taxation Department is the major revenue earning department in the State and that its goal is to bring into the tax net each and every dealer/person dealing in taxable goods for the purpose of raising the revenue of the State. Quoting from figures, he presented a clear picture of the no. of acts and rules, the organizational structure of the taxation department and the total collection of revenue achieved so far far the last four years w.e.f.1993-94 up to 1997-98.

        He stated that it is the endeavor of the Government to bring more revenue to the State by better enforcement of different tax laws, widen tax net to include more dealers, plug leakage and evasion and to conduct more surveys to bring in new dealers under the tax net. However, he added that the suggestions of the hon. Members have been noted for examination and follow up action by the department.

        The cut motion was as such, withdrawn by the mover with the leave of the House and Grant No.9 was passed.

        Shri H.B. Dan, Minister incharge Transport moved Grant No.10.

        Dr. Mukul Sangma, did not moved his Cut motion and Grant No.10 was passed by a voice vote.

        Shri M.N. Mukhim Minister incharge Power moved Grant No.11.

        Dr. Mukul Sangma, moved his cut motion. H discussed on the style of functioning of the M.S.E.B. and desired to know the total No. of villages electrified under the R.E.C. Scheme, what action Government is taking on those villages declared as electrified but actually un-electrified with particular references to villages in Garo Hills. He cited an example whereby the amount sanctioned for electrification of certain villages being diverted to the establishment of Police outposts.

        He also called for a clarification from the Minister incharge on how the component of subsidy will be utilised and for what purpose. Further, he asked of the fate of these external aid projects, consequent upon the aftermath of the Nuclear Bomb blast. He suggested that Government must ensure that such projects should not suffer and urged the Government to find out suitable alternatives in this regard. He reiterated that the Government should ensure an immediate completion of the project report on the Nagalbibra Thermal Project and to complete the construction of this project for the greater interest of the State.

        Shri K.K. Dkhar, Shri T.N. Marak, Shri Sujit Sangma, Shri Lotsingh  A. Sangma, Shri F.W. Momin and Shri K.C. Momin, supported the cut motion whereas O.N. Chyrmang opposed.

        In reply to the discussion and points raised by the mover including other participants, Shri M.N. Mukhim, Minister incharge Power, highlighted the achievements which have been made by the M.S.E.B. during the last 23 years of its existence since 1975-76 to 1997-98. Quoting detailed statistics, he also presented the up-to-date position in regard to the volume of energy generated, the consumption of electricity throughout and the no. of projects completed and proposed to be taken up with their respective installed capacities.

        He apprised the House that till date altogether 98 rural electrification schemes have been taken up by the M.S.E.B. with financial assistance from the R.E.C. which includes 2510 total no. of villages declared electrified so far but due to inadequate resources, the Board has not been able to effectively maintain the existing assets resulting in problems of supply even in those villages declared as electrified.

        Replying to the points of the mover, he stated that the present Government has inherited the problems faced by the previous Government for the last 25 years. However, he informed that he will take up with the Government of India to press for the release of fund for the completion of on-going projects like the Nagalbibra Thermal Project which falls under the purview of the Shukla Committee's Report. He further replied to queries and clarifications sought by the participants.

        The cut motion was afterwards, withdrawn by the mover with the leave of the House and Grant No.11 was passed.

        Grants Nos. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 were passed by the House since there were no cut motion.

        Shri T. Lyngdoh Nonglait, Minister of State incharge of P.W.D. moved grant No.19.

        Shri T.C. Lyngdoh did not move his cut motion. Grant No.19 was passed.

        Since the time was 2 p.m. the Speaker, under Sub-rule (3) of Rule 144 of the Rules of Procedure & Conduct of Business, guillotined all the remaining grants as follows :-

        Grants Nos. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57 and 60.

        The motion was put to vote, it was carried and the grants from No.20 as read upto 60 were passed by the House by a voice vote.


        Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh, Minister incharge of Finance, introduced the Meghalaya Appropriation (No. II) Bill, 1998.


        Shri H.B. Dan, Minister incharge of Parliamentary Affairs moved that the second proviso to sub-rule (c) of Rule 72 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in its application to the Meghalaya Appropriation (No. II) Bill, 1998, be suspended for the time being in so far as the aforesaid rule requires four days in advance before the motion for consideration may be moved.

(The motion was carried and Sub-rule (c) of Rule 72 was suspended).

        Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh, Minister incharge Finance, moved that the above-mentioned bill be taken into consideration.

(The motion was carried and the Bill was taken into consideration)

        But as there was no amendment under Sub-rule 3 (1) of Rule 144, the Minister incharge Finance further moved that the bill be passed.

(The motion was carried and the Meghalaya Appropriation (No. II), Bill 1998 was passed.)


        The House rose at 2.10 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Thursday, the 25th June, 1998.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.