The House assembled at 10 a.m. in the Assembly Chamber on Tuesday, the 6th April, 1999 with the Hon. Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted in disposing the private Members' Business.

1. QUESTIONS :    

        Starred Question No.79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90 passed with Supplementaries. Rest of the questions and the Unstarred question had to be disposed since the Question hour was over.


        Immediately after the question hour, Hon. Speaker, informed the House that there will be an important meeting of the MLAs; both ruling and opposition, tomorrow, the 7th April, 1999 as soon as after the House rises in the Room No.14. He required all the hon. Members to attend that meeting.


        Shri T.H. Rangad called the attention of the Minister, Home (Police) under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in the Shillong Times, dated 30th March, 1999 under the caption "Delhi Based 'Messiah' to counter extortion in North East". Initiating the discussion, Shri Rangad stated that the Organisation viz. North India Democratic Organisation has openly declared to indulge in extortion from the Manipuri Students and from others. The Minister (Home) made a statement on the floor of the House in which he stated that the Government has not yet been able to find out the veracity of reported threat  of this Organisation. However, the Government is very much seized of the problem and do everything possible to check the activities of such organisations who are indulging in criminal  activities keeping in touch with the Union Home Minister, Shri L.K. Advani. 

4.     Shri A.T. Mondal, moved a discussion under Rule 50 under the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business. He discussed the drought like situation with special reference to Gomaijhora Flow Irrigation Project in West Garo Hills. He wanted to know what action the Government is taking. Shri H.S. Lyngdoh, also supported the mover and expressed his concern about the matter. Shri C.R. Marak and Shri P.M. Syiem, supported and took part.

        Shri Mohindra Rava, Minister in-charge of Irrigation, in his reply stated that drought is a general phenomenon faced by the whole State. The Government is well  aware  of the suffering of the people. He informed the House that since the inception of the State, the Irrigation Department has completed 150 numbers of Irrigation Projects. He attributed the cause of drought to the wanton destruction of forests in the catchment areas. However, the Government has decided to supply water pumps to the farmers.


        Shri P.M. Syiem in his resolution stressed need for urgently providing proper equipments, medicines and other medical facilities to the Government hospitals and dispensaries. He demanded a white paper on the subject.

(Chairman took the Chair)

        Shri A.T. Mondal supported the  resolution and presented a pitiable condition of the hospitals in the State. He was followed by Dr. F.A. Khonglam, who urgent the Government to provide at least the basic medicines for treatment. Shri T.H. Rangad appreciated the difficulties of the Government at the same time suggested that the Government should buy some important drugs with which many kinds of disease can be treated.

(Hon. Deputy Speaker took the Chair)

        Shri Tonsing Marak took part in the resolution and opposed the contention of the mover since the Government  is in a dire strait financially. Shri K.C. Momin, opposed the resolution; however, he admitted the fact that there is a lack of quality services.

        Dr. Donkupar Roy, Minister gave a statement on the floor of the House. He informed the House that the State has achieved the norms set by the Govt. of India since the inception of the State. He admitted that there is a dearth of medical and para-medical staff to man the various Health Centres in the State. He informed the House that the Government has approached the Government of India for increasing the State quota for graduate and post-graduate medical study. For aquising sophisticated machines and equipments, the Government is taking necessary steps.

(Hon. Speaker took the Chair)

6.    Shri P.M. Syiem raised an half-an-hour discussion and Rule 49 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business arising out of the replies to Starred Question No.20 asked by Shri K.C. Momin on 24th March, 1999.

        In his discussion, Shri Syiem expressed a grave concern over the growing incidence of extortion and as a result running away by the Officers from Garo  Hills in view of the threat from the extremists.

        Shri Mohindra Rava, Minister-in-charge, in his reply appealed to the members and stressed that unless each and every citizens of the State Co-operate, only the Government cannot tackle the problem. He informed the House that proper security has been provided to the particular officer concerned and he is functioning well.

7.    Shri C.R. Marak raised an half-an-hour discussion under Rule 49 on the Unstarred Question No.1(e). He alleged that the Minister has misled the House regarding taking over of the Primary Education by the Government.

        (Dr. Mukul Sangma, raised a point of Order under Rule 49 Sub-Rule 4 which was however ruled out by the Hon. Speaker) in view of the proviso thereto.

        Shri K.K. Dkhar, Minister-in-charge replying to the discussion pointed out that the question was vague and as such he asserted that this reply was correct. The Government has taken over only DCLP School in 1993.


        Hon. Speaker announced the adjournment of the House till 10 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, the 7th April, 1999.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.