(THURSDAY, THE 22nd JUNE, 2000)

        The House  met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private  Members' Business.


        Starred questions Nos. 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 with supplementaries thereto were disposed, Nos. 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50,51,52 and 53 without supplementary were disposed of.


        " Under Rule 49 (A) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly raised a zero hour notice with regard to a news item published in ' U Mawphor ' dated 15-6-2000 under the caption " 10 snem trei ki typist khlem da kiew kyrdan Balei "?

        The Hon. Member from Mylliem desired to know the reasons as to why after ten years of continuous service, these typists were not given promotion. He suggested that the Government in the Secretariat Administration Department should take steps to see that the typist posts are not stagnated and called for an assurance from the Minister in-charge as to what is the stand of the Government in this regard.

        In reply to the zero hour notice, Shri M. N. Mukhim, Minister in-charge Secretariat Administration Department apprised the hon. Member from Mylliem that promotion to the post of L. D. A. in the Meghalaya Civil Secretariat was made in accordance with Meghalaya Secretariat Subordinate Rules, 1973 as amended and according to vacancies available and as per Rule 8 of Meghalaya Secretariat Subordinate Service Rules, 1978 as amended.

        However, the Minister in-charge stated that the total sanctioned strength of L. D. A. in the Meghalaya Secretariat is 384. As per the above rules, 38 numbers of typist can promoted from and amongst them to the post of L. D. A. another 38 being 10% of the sanctioned strength are to be promoted from and amongst Grade IV employees and that at present, the quota of the typist as well as that of Grade IV employees have been completely exhausted i.e., 38 numbers of typist have already been promoted to the post of L. D. A. and there is no more scope for the promotion of the typist to higher post of L. D. A. and as a measure to remove this stagnation Government had accepted the recommendation of the 3rd Pay Commission for appointment of typist to three higher grades namely Typist Grade 1, Typist Grade II and Typist III. Further he pointed out that the placement of the typist in higher grade is subject to passing of the speed test to be conducted by Meghalaya Public Service Commission but then the Meghalaya Secretariat Services Typist Association did not agree to placement of typist to the above grades and asked the Government to revert to the old system of promotion from and amongst the typist to the post of L. D. A. and in view of the petition made by the above Association, Government could not implement the above grading system for the typist and the matter has been referred to Finance Department for the typist and the Government's decision based on the recommendation of the 3rd Pay Commission but then he said that if the decision is reviewed and the old system of promotion is resorted to and no typist can be promoted unless additional posts are created which, in the present circumstances, may be quite difficult.


        Shri P.M. Syiem called the attention of the Minister in-charge of Personnel, under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in the "Shillong Times" dt. 8th June, 2000 under the caption "Meghalaya Civil Service Examination ridden with nepotism.

        Quoting from newspaper's report under the above caption, the hon. Member from Mylliem cautioned the Government not to allow politicisation of this important autonomous body and that no political appointment or manipulation should take place in the Meghalaya Public Service Commission. He proposed the institution of an inquiry by the State Government to go into the allegations. 

        Replying to the Call-attention notice, Shri E.K Mawlong, Chief Minister, apprised the hon. Member from Mylliem that Rule 5 (1) (a) of the M.C.S. Rules, 1975 provides that recruitment to the service shall be made by competitive examination conducted by the M.P.S.C. and that as per relevant instructions, the Commission is required to send to the Government the no. of candidates for direct recruitment to posts cadres according to the vacancies as intimated by the appointing authority that are likely to occur during the recruitment year plus 10 percent of the actual vacancies. The Chief Minister also told the House that the Government is not aware if any irregularities had occurred while the examinations were being conducted by the M.P.S.C. since no complaints had been received from any candidate in this regard and that Government is not in a position to comment on the allegation that there had been any nepotism in the process of selection of candidates for recruitment to the Meghalaya Civil Service. However, he assured that in view of the circumstances of the case and also since a number of very vital issues concerning the credibility of the entire recruitment process into Government have been raised, it has earlier been decided to convene a meeting between the Chief Minister and members of the Meghalaya Public Service Commission in order to ensure that such unfortunate instances which tarnish the image of the MPSC and which could jeopardise the recruitment process do not take place in future and also to see that norms and guidelines are framed and adhered to by the Public Service Commission in future.


        Shri R.G. Lyngdoh, continued his deliberation on Resolution No.1 moved by the hon. Member from Mylliem on 19-06-2000. He decried at the lack of emergency facility in the Civil Hospital at Shillong and suggested the Government to ensure that this type of facility is made available not only in the Civil Hospital here in Shillong but in the district headquarters also and that Centres for treatment of accidents on highways including the establishment of an attach blood bank in those centres to facilitate treatment of accident cases. The hon. Member from Laitumkhrah further lamented at the non availability of Specialist and facility in the field of mental and psychological ailments and impressed upon the Government to accord recognition and extend all help to the " SANKER " Mental Hospital in this regard and requested the Minister in-charge of Health to see that no political interference should not be there in the posting of doctors. He supported the resolution.

        Other participants included :-

        (1) Shri T.N. Marak. (2) Shri Sujit K. Sangma. (3) Shri Salseng C. Marak. (4) Shri K.K. Dhar (5) Shri K.C. Boro (6) Shri A.D. Marak (7) Dr. Mukul Sangma. They supported the Resolution whereas Shri Biresh Nongsiej and Shri A.T. Mondal took part and opposed the Resolution.

        Giving a detailed reply to the point raised by the mover of the resolution and other participants Dr. Donkupar Roy, Minister incharge of Health stated that the State pursued the path of planned development since inception and that Development of human health care was given the due importance, the needs of building infrastructure and trained human resources were considered the pre-requisite for ensuring better health care and with a view to keep a proper and pointed attention to the different discipline of health services in the State the Directorate of health Services was trifurcated into Directorate of Health Service (Research), Directorate of Health Services (Medical Institution) and Directorate of Health Services ((MCH & FW). 

        He also presented a categorical statement touching upon the matters and issued raised by the mover and other members who have taken part in the discussion on the Resolution.

        However, his reply remained inconclusive due to shortage of time he will continue on the next day.


        The House rose at 2 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10.a.m. on Friday, the 23rd June, 2000.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.