( Friday, the 31st March, 2000 )


        The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


        Starred questions Nos.120 to 131 with Supplementaries thereto and Nos.132 to 149 without Supplementary were disposed of.


        The Deputy Speaker informed the House that this morning he had received a notice of Censure motion under Rule 133 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business against Shri Simon Siangshai, Minister incharge of Industries duly signed by two hon. Members of this august House for his failure to give specific replies to the questions asked by them on Starred Question No.20 of 24/3/2000 and also in connection with his reply to the half an hour discussion yesterday, the 30/3/2000 for the benefit of the House, the Deputy Speaker read out the notice of censure motion and the text of the motion. He ruled that it was in order.

        Expressing his opinion on the matter, the Chief Minister pointed out that the minister can be censured if he was intentionally suppressing the facts or trying to avoid whatever was to be quoted by him in the House. However, he added that in this particular case, it was only a failure to give specific and satisfactory replies and hence the issue did not warrant a Censure motion. He suggested that before the House considers this motion, the chair may go through the statement already placed on the table of the House by the concerned Minister and also the proceedings of the House to examine in depth whether his replies to the questions and the half-an-hour discussion, tantamount to a breach of privilege or a Censure motion before he come with his ruling again on this Censure motion.

        Shri J.D. Rymbai, Shri O.N. Chyrmang, Minister incharge of Community and Rural Development, Shri R.L. Tariang, Minister incharge B.A.D., Shri R.G. Lyngdoh, Shri T.H. Rangad, Minister incharge Education, Shri P.M. Syiem, Shri C.B. Marak, Shri C.R. Marak, Dr. Mukul Sangma and Shri D.D. Lapang, Leader of Opposition took part and expressed their opinions on this issue.


        After listening to the views expressed by members from both sides of the House, the Chair ruled that this matter will be examined thoroughly by him and will be disposed of on Monday the 3rd April, 2000.


        Shri Sujit Sangma called the attention of the Minister incharge Power under Rule 54 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to a news item published in the " Shillong Times " dated 20th March, 2000 under the caption " Garo Hills Power Sector in total neglect ".

        The hon. Member lamented at the delay to complete the construction of hydel Projects for Garo Hills although the schemes were already in existence and survey and investigation works were completed many many years back. He mentioned of the Simsang, Ganol and Nangalbibra thermal Projects and few other micro projects which have been taken up since a long time and remaining incomplete till now. He called for the reasons as to the frequent interruption of Power supply of the 132 k.v. transmission Line from Mawlai grid to Garo Hills and suggested an alternative line to relieve the people of Garo Hills from the darkness which they were facing of and on.

        Clarifying the position, Shri M.M. Mukhim, Minister incharge of Power, apprised the hon. mover of the calling Attention that power supply to Garo Hills was fed by a single Circuit at 132 K.V. Line from Mawlai Sub-Station and since Garo Hills received power only from this single circuit line, and in the event of any fault of this line, the entire Garo Hills become dark. However, he stated that measures were on to reduce the interruptions. The Minister incharge further informed that the M.S.E.B. was contemplating to have an alternative line to Garo Hills with a proposed line to be constructed between Nangalbibra and Agia in Assam and that some other thermal projects in Garo Hills were under process by the N.E.C. and awaiting planning Commission's approval. He pointed out that the State Government had taken up the matter with the Planning Commission and the Central Government for bringing rural electrification works under basic Minimum Service Programme at par with road, water supply etc. to improve the economic condition of the people.


        Since the time was up, the House rose at 12 noon and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Monday, the 3rd April, 2000.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.