(Friday, the 16th March, 2001)


        The House met at 10. a.m. in the Assembly Chamber in the State Central Library, Shillong with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.

1. Address by the Government under Article 176 of the Constitution :

        The Government arrived at 10.05 a.m. and was ushered in the Assembly Chamber with due ceremony. He began his address at 10.10 a.m. and concluded at 10.50 a.m.

        The House then stood adjourned to meet again at 11.30 a.m.

        After adjournment, the House re-assembled at 11.30 a.m. to transact the remaining business :-

2. Motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address :

        Shri A.T. Mondal, moved the following motion of Thanks to the Governor's Address :

        "The members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly assembled in this Session are deeply grateful to the Governor for the address which he has been pleased to deliver to this House today, the 16th March, 2001."

        Shri Abdus Saleh, seconded the motion of thanks.

3. Report of the Business Advisory Committee :

        Under Rule 230 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business, the Speaker, announced the report of the Business Advisory Committee.

4. Time Allocation Order :

        Shri M. Rava, Minister in-charge Parliamentary Affairs moved :

        "That this House agrees to the allocation of time proposed by the Business Advisory Committee in regard to the various items of business for the current session."

(The motion was adopted and the Calendar approved).

5. Panel of Chairmen :

        Under Rule 9(1) of the Rules of Procedure, the Speaker, nominated the following Members to the panel of Chairmen for the current Session :-


Shri Methrona Marak, MLA


Shri F.W. Momin, MLA


Shri Tonsing N. Marak, MLA


Shri A.T. Mondal, MLA

6. The Contingency Fund of Meghalaya (Third Amendment) Ordinances, 2000 :

        Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh laid the Contingency Fund of Meghalaya (Third Amendment) Ordinance, 2000.

7. The Annual Report of The M.C.C.L for the year 1997-98 :

        Shri Simon Siangshai, Minister, Industries to lay the 43rd Annual Report of Mawmluh Cherra Cements Ltd., for the year 1997-98.

8. Annual Accounts of the M.T.C. for the year 1994-95 :

        Shri Mohindra Rava, Minister, Transport laid the Annual Accounts of Meghalaya Transport Corporation for the year 1994-95.

9. Announcement from the Chair :

        The Speaker informed the House that he has received a Resolution passed by the Assam Legislative Assembly on 7th February, 2001 with regard to the fire incident which has gutted the Meghalaya legislative Assembly building on the night of January, 2001.

        He read out the text of the resolution for the benefit of the House.

        Shri E.K. Mawlong, Leader of the House, suggested that this House should express its gratitude and thankfulness to the Members of the Assam Legislative Assembly in particular and the people of Assam in general for sharing their griefs sorrow at the unfortunate incident  which has resulted in the loss of the Historic and beautiful Meghalaya Legislative building.

        Shri S.C. Marak, supported the suggestion and endorsed the proposal put forth by the Chief Minister.

10. Obituary References :

        Shri E.K. Mawlong, Leader of the House initiated the obituary reference and mourned the demise of the following prominent personalities and public leaders :-


Late Shri Lehinson Sangma, former Member of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.


Late Shri O. Khonglah, former Member of the Provisional Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and the Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council.


Late Shri Indrajit Gupta, former C.P.I. Leader and veteran Parliamentarian.


Late Shri V.N. Gadgil, former Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting.


Late Smti Vijayaraje Scindia, former Senior BJP Leader and Chancellor of Sagar University.


The earthquaker victims and the loss of properties caused by the Earthquake which rocked Gujarat State in the recent past.

        Other members who took part in expressing condolence were (1) Shri Salseng C. Marak, (2) Shri H.S. Lyngdoh, (3) Shri L.A. Sangma, Minister-in-charge of Planning (4) Shri T.H. Rangad, Minister-in-charge of Home (5) Dr. Mukul M. Sangma, (6) Shri Tonsingh N. Marak, (7) Shri R.L. Tariang, Minister-in-charge Border Areas Development (8) Shri R.G. Lyngdoh and (9) Shri E.D. Marak, Hon'ble Speaker, Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

(Two minutes silence was observed as a token of respect to the departed souls).

11. Adjournment :

        The House rose at 12.30 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Monday, the 19th March, 2001.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

* * * * *