( FRIDAY, THE 22nd JUNE, 2001 )

        The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


        Starred questions Nos.107, 108, 109, 110, 112, 113 and 114 with supplementaries thereto, Nos. 115 to 125 without supplementary were disposed of. Starred question No.111 lapsed since the questionnaire was absent.


        Under Rule 49(A) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.M. Syiem, raised a zero hour discussion with regard to a news item published in the local Khasi Daily "U Peitngor" dated 19th June, 2001 under the caption "Palat phra ngut hap leit ontep shisngi ba sar naphang ka Malaria ha thain Phodkroh".

        Raising a brief discussion on the lack of initiative on the part of the Government to take immediate steps to rush medicines, medical aids etc., to the affected people of Phodkroh village, the hon. Member, called for a categorical statement from the Minister in-charge of Health and Family Welfare as to what action Government has taken to prevent the spread of malaria. He also urged upon Government that henceforth, preventive/curative measures should be taken well ahead of time in the villages to prevent further death from this disease.

        Replying to the zero hour discussion, Dr. Donkupar Roy, Minister in-charge Health and Family Welfare informed the mover that on receiving of the information, the District Medical of Health Officer, East Khasi Hills was instructed to submit a report on the deaths and that the team of doctors with supporting staff accompanied by the D.M. & H.O., East Khasi Hills were immediately rushed to the area on the morning of 20-06-2001 and from the report, it may be stated that the cause of death due to malaria was only suspected and not confirmed.

        However, he added that the concerned department had taken all curative and preventive measures to contain this disease in the border areas of Assam and Bangladesh and assured that the department will take all efforts to see that the dreaded disease of Malaria is contained and prevented and that with this end in view, all the district units have been alerted.


        Under Rule 54(1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.M. Syiem, called the attention of the Minister in-charge Education to a news item published in "U Nongsain Hima" dated 18th June, 2001 under the caption "Byrngem iaid paidbah ki nonghikai sha Secretariat".

        Quoting from newspaper report on the above subject, the hon. Member wanted to be clarified as to what were these demands of the unit of Jaintia Hills Upper Primary School Teachers' Association and what action Government has taken to meet these demands ?

        In reply to the above calling attention, Shri R.A. Lyngdoh, Minister in-charge of Primary Education stated that there are two types of Schools i.e., Government and Private Schools and that the intention of the Government was to give the best to the teachers so that they can produce useful citizens of the State, Quoting the total number of Lower primary and Upper primary schools in the State, the Minister apprised the august House that the monthly expenditure was quite high and that inspite of that, the Government is taking an initiative to help improve the lot of the schools teachers and to sanction grants-in-aid so that private schools can increase the salaries of the teachers of Upper primary schools. However, he mentioned that since the fund position of the Education Department is very limited about 90 % of the budget provision of Education Department goes to the salary of the teachers, it should be the endeavour of the Government to see how best it can help to ameliorate the lot of the primary school teachers. As regard other points raised by the mover, the Minister in-charge stated that they have been noted down for future implementation by the concerned department.


        1. Shri D.N. Joshi, Chairman, Standing Committee on Development Departments (A), presented the Report of the Committee.

        2. Shri N.N. Simchang, Chairman, Standing Committee on Development Departments (B), presented the report of the Committee.

        3. Shri C.R. Marak, Chairman, Standing Committee on Works departments, presented the report of the Committee.


        Shri T.C. Lyngdoh, continued his discussion on the budget and wondered as to whether the Government has acquired the land for the Third M.L.P. Battalion and urged the Government to take prompt action on this. The hon. Member, called for a reply as to the reason for the delay in the payment of telephone bills of Fire Brigade's office and in the Police Control Room, as well as the completion of the Shillong Bye-pass, and the Umroi Airport.

        He also suggested urgent repair works to the existing circuit House at Nongstoin which he said was like "a den of thieves".

        The works "a den of thieves" uttered by the hon. Member are unparliamentary expression - to  be expunged from the proceedings.

        Shri C.R. Marak and Shri A.D. Marak took part.

        (The sitting was extended until the Finance Minister concluded his reply to the general discussion on the Budget with the sense of the House).


        Shri A.H. Scott Lyngdoh, Minister in-charge of Finance gave a comprehensive and detailed reply to the various points discussed and suggested by the participants. He stated that governance is a continuing process and referring to the address which he made before the 11th Finance Commission during their last visit to this State's Capital, he mentioned that the Government of India has not adequately compensated for the loss incurred by the North Eastern Region consequent upon the partition of the Country. The Minister in-charge further reminded of his statement on Fiscal position of the State which he made before this august House in the last budget Session, March, 2001, and on the outcome of the foreign tours to seek foreign investments. He also clarified to the other aspects which were not satisfied by the members and assured that their points have been noted for examination and future implementation by the concerned departments.


        The House rose at 2.25 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Monday, the 25th June, 2001.


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.