(Monday, the 24th June, 2002)

        The House met at 10 a.m. with Shri. T.N. Marak, Chairman in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business :-


        No sooner had the Chairman called the House to order than Shri. C.R. Marak, raised a point of order under Rule 300 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business. The hon. Member called for a clarification as to the time framed for holding the election to the post of Deputy Speaker.

        Quoting Rule 7 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business, Shri. C.R. Marak was of the opinion that the vacant post of Deputy Speaker should have been filled up and that the election to the said post should have been fixed by the Business Advisory Committee within the current session but since the Calendar was silent on this, he wanted to know as to whether or not the Chairman can act as the Speaker or Deputy Speaker officially or occupy the Chair in his office Chamber after the Session ?

        Shri. T.H. Rangad, supported the view expressed by Shri. C.R. Marak. The hon. Member alleged that this is a clear act of irresponsibility and failure of the Government for not coming out with a proposal in the Calendar for election of the Deputy Speaker which had fallen vacant following the resignation from the said post since 6.12.2001. He called for an assurance from the Government as to whether the election of the Deputy Speaker will be held within this Session ?

        Shri. S.C. Marak, participated and endorsed the above proposition. The hon. Member earnestly requested the Government to consider this question very seriously by fixing the date for the election of the Deputy Speaker since he felt that in the absence of the Speaker, there should be someone to function and look after the affairs of the Assembly Secretariat during the Session.

        Appreciating the concern of the hon. Members from both sides of the House, Shri. D.D. Lapang, Deputy Chief Minister, assured that Government is taking a serious view and have taken note that the election of the Deputy Speaker is urgent and should considered immediately.

        Replying to the discussion on the point of order, Dr. F.A. Khonglam, Leader of the House stated that Government is considering the election of the Deputy Speaker, and that they had already discussed once in the Cabinet meeting on the necessity for filling up the said post. The leader of the House further apprised that he had also discussed the subject with the Speaker for fixing the date and time within this session and said that since this Session of the Assembly is quite near and also considering the time factor, he added that it was thought impossible to hold the election at this juncture as all the business listed in the Calendar by the B.A.C. have been approved by the House. However, he assured that the Government can call a Special Session specifically for the election of the Deputy Speaker.

2.    QUESTIONS :-

        Starred Questions Nos.1 to 5 with Supplementaries thereto and Nos.6 to 10 without any Supplementary were disposed of.


        Initiating the general discussion on the budget, Shri. A.L. Hek lamented of the non-implementation of a single major project since the preceding four years. Referring to the Border Areas Department, the hon. Member called for a categorical reply from the Government as to the outcome of the talk between the Chief Minister of Assam and Meghalaya held recently to solve the vexed boundary problems between the two States. He stated that people of Khanduli and Pilangkata had been harassed and were reeling in fear psychosis. He urged the Government to take seriously on this. As regards Medium irrigation, the hon. Member referred to the flash floods in his constituency on 14th and 15th this month thereby rendering many people homeless and infested by water borne diseases. He called for immediate relief to the affected families.

        Shri. C.R. Marak, Shri. Sujit K. Sangma, Shri. D.N. Joshi, Shri. T.H. Rangad and Shri. T.N. Marak participated.

        Owing to shortage of time, the discussion of Shri. T.N. Marak, remains inconclusive, he will continue on the next day.


        The House rose at 2 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Tuesday, the 25th June, 2002.


  Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.