The House meat at 10 a.m. with Shri. A.T. Mondal, Chairman, in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


        Starred Questions Nos.24 to 30 with Supplementaries and Nos.31 to 34 without Supplementary were disposed of.


        Shri. C.R. Marak called the attention of the Minister, Education, under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in the "Sentinel" dt. 27th February, 2002, under the caption "Congress demands shifting of Higher Secondary Wing, Church condemns paper leak."

        Moving his Calling Attention Notice on the above news item, the hon. Member from Chokpot was at a loss to understand how the leakage of question papers for the H.S.S.L.C. Final Examination, 2002 could warrant the shifting of M.B.O.S.E. from Tura to Shillong as demanded by the Shillong City Congress Committee when such leakages had taken place only in Shillong and Nongpoh and nowhere in Tura. He called for a clarification as to the stand of the Government in this regard. 

        In reply to the Calling Attention Notice, Dr. Donkupar Roy, State Education Minister, apprised the hon. Member from Chokpot that on receipt of complaints from various quarters on the leakage of question papers on economics and other science subjects of the H.S.S.L.C. examinations, 2002, the Principal Secretary, Education on 21.02.2002 had lodged an F.I.R. with the Director General of Police, Meghalaya for investigation by the C.I.D., and consequent upon the confirmation of the leakage, the Chief Secretary had ordered the Executives Magistrates to immediately check the question paper packets kept in the examination centres which were accordingly found tampered in Ri-Bhoi College in which out of 160 copies economic question papers issued to this College, 40 copies have been missing. However, the Minister incharge told the House that as per directives of the Principal Secretary, Education, Government of Meghalaya in the Education Department, a team of officials is of concerned department proceeded to Nongpoh on 23-02-2002 to conduct a thorough investigation and it was found that out of 160 question papers supplied by the Board, 40 question papers have been missing in the Ri-Bhoi College which had ultimately resulted in the arrest of the Principal of Ri-Bhoi College.

        As regards the action taken by the Government on the leakage of question papers, he stated that on 24.2.2002, the Secretary to the M.B.O.S.E. had recommended to the Government to cancel the whole H.S.S.L.C. Examination and also to place all those involved in this unlawful act under suspension. He assured that steps have been to reschedule the whole H.S.S.L.C. examination from 26-03-2002 upto 11-04-2002 and that five number of officials staff involved in the leakage of question papers have been placed under suspension accordingly pending drawal of departmental proceedings against such each.


        Shri. M. Suchiang, initiated the debate on the Governor's Address. The hon. Member, broadly dealt with the salient features of the address and laid special emphasis on the need to give more priorities to elementary and higher education, roads and communication and on health care. He urged the Government to revive the M.L.A. Scheme with regard to construction of road for the benefit of the people in rural areas.

        Shri. T.N. Marak and Shri. D.N. Joshi took part. They supported the motion of thanks.

        Shri. N.N. Simchang, moved the following amendment to the motion of thanks :

        "Delete the full stop (.) at the end and add the following words:

        "but regret that there was no mention as to how the Government will tackle corruption and function with transparency and probity. There was also no mention as to how the Government would tackle the unemployment problem effectively, what action the Government is taking to reclaim areas of Block I and II and solve the border problems with Assam, not mentioned ways and means of improving the Electricity supply especially in Rural areas in Garo Hills, and there is an absence of clear cut announcement as to improvement of Roads, the Tourism Sector Education, Health, Agriculture etc. besides steps taken by the Government in the oft repeated a slogan of privitisation."

        The mover of the amendment dealt at length on the lack of implementation of the Sanctioned Schemes and called for a clear cut policy of the Government on the law and order problem and on how to tackle the insurgency. Shri. Simchang also stressed on the need to give priorities to development in the field of Education, Health, Agriculture & Irrigation, Forest and other matters referred to in the Address.

        Since the time was 2 p.m. his deliberation were inconclusive, to be continued on the next day.


        The House rose at 2 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Monday, the 1st April, 2002.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.