The House met at 10 a.m with the Speaker Pro-tem in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business :-


                        No sooner had the Speaker Pro-tem called the House to order than Shri A. L. Hek raised a point of order with regard to the allegation of denial of passes to the Media persons to enter the House yesterday. Shri E. D. Marak and Shri Admiral Sangma, Leader of the Opposition supported.

                       Shri H. S. Lyngdoh, Speaker Pro-tem, in reply stated that the allegation has not been brought to his knowledge and as such he was not in a position to say anything. However, Shri D. D. Lapang, Leader of the House clarified that it was the duty of the Assembly Secretariat to issue passes and the matter should have been brought to the notice of the Speaker but not to the notice of the Leader of the House.

                        (At this stage being not satisfied with the reply, the Opposition Members staged a walk out of the House ).


                       The Chair, appraised that all together 11(eleven) valid nominations for the office of the Speaker were received yesterday the 11th March, 2003 seven were in favour of Shri Martin M. Danggo and four in favour of Shri Timothy D. Shira and since there was no withdrawal of candidature the House straight away proceeded to elect the Speaker by secret ballot. The results were as follows :-

                        1.    Shri Martin M. Danggo                     -  44 votes.
                        2.    Shri Timothy D. Shira                        - 15 votes.

                        The Chair declared Shri Martin M. Danggo duly elected to the post of Speaker. Shri Martin M. Danggo, Speaker elected was later guided and conducted to his Chair on the dais by the Leader of the House and the Leader of the Opposition amidst applause.


                        The following Members offered facilitations to the newly elected Speaker :-

                        1.    Shri D. D. Lapang, Chief minister and Leader of the House.
                        2.    Shri P. T. Sawkmie, Minister incharge Excise.
                        3.    Dr. Donkupar Roy, Deputy Chief minister.
                        4.    Shri E. D. Marak.
                        5.    Shri M. N. Mukhim, Minister incharge P.H.E.
                        6.    Shri M. Rava.
                        7.    Shri R. G. Lyngdoh, Minister incharge Home.
                        8.    Shri Admiral Sangma, Leader of the Opposition.
                        9.    Shri J. D. Rymbai, Minister incharge C & R.D.
                      10.    Shri A. L. Hek.
                      11.    Dr. Mukul Sangma, Minister incharge Taxation.
                      12.    Shri Timothy D. Shira.
                      13.    Dr. F. A . Khonglam, Minister incharge Tourism.
                      14.    Shri Ardhendu Choudhuri.
                      15.    Shri Paul Lyngdoh, Minister incharge Sports & Youth Affairs.
                      16.    Shri Edmund K. Sangma.
                      17.    Shri R. L. Tariang, Minister incharge Education (Elementary).
                      18.    Shri Debora C. Marak, Minister incharge Mining & Geology.
                      19.    Shri B. G. Momin, Minister incharge Health and Family Welfare.
                      20.    Shri Friday Lyngdoh, Minister incharge Urban Affairs.
                      21.    Shri Manirul Islam Sarkar, Minister incharge Transport.
                      22.    Shri D. P. Iangjuh, Minister incharge A. H. & Veterinary.
                      23.    Shri Draison Kharshiing.
                      24.    Shri Sayeedullah Nongrum, Minister incharge Sericulture and Weaving.
                      25.    Shri B. B. Nongsiej, Minister incharge Food and Civil Supplies.
                      26.    Shri Lambor Malngiang, Minister of State incharge Weight and Measures.
                      27.    Shri Boldness L. Nongrum, Minister incharge P.W.D.
                      28.    Shri H. D. R. Lyngdoh, Minister incharge G.A.D.
                      29.    Smti Irin Lyngdoh, Minister of State incharge.
                      30.    Shri Sengman R. Marak, Minister of State incharge Stamps and Registration.
                      31.    Shri Zenith M. Sangma.
                         Making a brief reciprocal address to the House, the Speaker thanked all the participants and assured his best in up-holding the dignity and standard of the House and for ensuring equality and, fairness in the conduct of the proceedings in the days to come. He called for the cooperation from all the Members in this regard.


                         The House rose at 12.25 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Wednesday, the 19th March, 2003.


  Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.