The House met at 10.00 a.m. with Shri M. Rava Chairmen in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Members Business.


    Starred Question No.1 to 17 were disposed of Starred Question No.18 to 20 could not be taken up due to lack of time.

(2).    MOTIONS

    Shri Ardhendu Chaudhuri moved Motion No.1.

    Imitating the discussion the mover stated that in the event making those people vulnerable to militant strike. He also went on that due to lethargic attitude of earlier Government, this problem kept on lingering. When the Block I and II areas were tagged to Assam, there were vehement protests under the leadership of Shri. Larsin Khyriem forcing that the Government of Assam to set up an enquiry. He inform the House that in 1984, the Election Commission had allowed the Government of Meghalaya to set up a pooling booth in the disputed areas. Hence, he felt that there should not be an eye of doubt that it is a disputed area. The mover wanted the Government to declare that Block I and Block II were disputed areas.

    The mover suggested that the Government (1) to break up the social barrier between the Karbi Anglong and the Pnar People

(2) Direct involvement of the Central Police Force

(3) Construct Roads

(4) Access to health  Services

Shri. H. S. Lyngdoh    
Shri. Edmund K. Sangma      Participated and  Supported the motion.
Shri A. L. Hek.  

    Replying to the points raised by the Mover of the Motion and the hon'ble member who took part in the discussion, Dr. F. A. Khonglam, Minister in charge Revenue informed the House that a group of militants attacked the inhabitants of few villages of Block I Area at Tihwieh- Shilliang Myntang and in the process 15 people were injured including Women Children. Fearing further attacks, people  from about 21 villages of Block I left Karbi Anglong District, Assam and took shelter at Sahsniang. The D. C.  Jaintia Hills District was instructed to provide help to the extent possible.

    After discussion, The Assam Government agreed to set up Police Pickets at strategic places to give security to the people. It was arrange that the displaced people would return on 01.12. 2003. An instruction was also issued by the Assam Government to conduct patrolling and to maintain law and order.

Supplementing to the replies of the minister incharge revenue, the Chief Minister stated that the Mikir Hills District was curved out of Nowgong, Sibsagar and Jaintia Hills inn 1951. Speaking in real sense of the term, these lands were very much in Assam, legally. However these areas were occupied by the Pnars and should get them back through discussion only. The Chief Minister further stated that there Khasis and Garos staying in Bangladesh but it does not mean that it belong to Meghalaya . So also the Pnars in Assam. It was the duty of the Assam Government to protect the lives and properties of those people. The Chief Minister informed the House that he had discuss the matter with the Chief Minister of Assam whereby it was agreed that three Minister from both sides should meet to find an amicable solution and not to confront each other thereby precipitating the matter.

    SHRI. A. L. HEK. MOVED MOTION NO. 2      

    The mover stated that there had been frequent flood in low-lying areas of Pynthorumkhrah and requested the Government to find out ways and means to protect to protect the lives and properties created by the river Umkhrah during incessant rain.

    He wanted to know from the Government whether they have requested any financial assistance from the Central Government to construct an embarkment.

    Shri. Edmund K. Sangma also participated in the motion

    Dr. Mukul Sangma, Minister In-charge PWD replied that to construct an embankment,  those people whose houses where constructed on the banks of the river Umkhrah should vacate the area. He also stated that no scheme had ever been sent to the Government of India due to non-availability report. He requested the mover to involve the people, the headman to find out a permanent solution.

    Shri E.K. Sangma  moved Motion No.3

    The mover of the motion complained that when he stayed at Meghalaya House, Guwahati, there were no amenities like calling bell, geyser, staff. The bathrooms and toilets are all dirty. He felt that this House should be manned by a MCS Officer. Referring that the purchase of a house at  Vellore, he felt that this was just a wastage of money because only few people will visit Vellore.

    Shri Ardhendu Chaudhuri also participated and supported the motion.

    Replying to the points raised by he mover and the participants of the motion, Shri Donkupar Lyngdoh, Minister i/c GAD replied that basic amenities were provided although some of them might be non functional. However, the matter will be looked into.

    With regard to Vellore House, the previous Government had purchased it at the rate of Rs. 28 lakhs in 1999. He justified the purchase because of the fact that around 300 people and odd visited Vellore for treatment. This had been done so to help the people because the lowest rate of a room per day is Rs. 150/-. An Officer of the rank of OSL with enough financial power will be posted to meet the requirement of the visitors. 

    Supplementing ti the supplies of the Minister concerned, if the House at Vellore fails, it can again be sold without any loss to the State.


    The House rose at 2.00 pm and stood adjourned till 10.00 am on Wednesday, the 17th December, 2003.                                                                                                                          




Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.