The House met at 10.00 am with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair.


        Starred question No. 21 to 38 were disposed of .


        The Minister in-charge Urban Affairs made a statement in the course of his replies to the Starred Question No. 5 on 16. 10. 03 that he had inadvertently mentioned  400 where as the correct no. was 119.


         Under clause 1 of Articles 207 of the constitution of India, the Governor of Meghalaya allowed the Minister in-charge Finance  to introduce the Meghalaya Contingency Fund ( Amendment ) Bill, 2003.

4)       Dr. Donkupar Roy, Minister in-charge  Finance beg leave to introduce the Meghalaya Contingency Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2003.

           (The Motion was carried and leave is granted to introduce the Meghalaya Contingency Fund (Amendment ) Bill, 2003.

5)        Dr. Donkupar Roy, Minister i/c of Finance beg leave be granted to introduce the Bill.

            ( The Secretary read out the title of the Bill )


    Shri Ardhendu Choudhuri moved Motion No. 4

    Initiating the discussion the mover of the Motion informed the House that Shri Abdul Mohamad Bakar Choudhuri had been granted a visa to visit India by the Bangladesh authorities, on 13.8.2003 as a tourist. He came to Shillong and stayed in Thana Road. His visa No.PO8122591 expired on 12.10.2003 but till date, he was still staying in Shillong which is illegal. this particular person, did not visit tourist sites but instead visit sites like Domiasiat where Uranium is found. The mover wanted to know the action taken.

    Replying to this, Shri R.G. Lyngdoh, Home Minister corroborated that Shri Abdul Mohamad Bakar Choudhuri had over stayed. He felt that this information should have been given right from the time when the date of visa expired then and there, action would have been taken. However, the Government will look into this.


    The mover requested the Government to come up with an amendment to the Land Transfer Act to enable the Non-tribals to purchase lands from the non-tribals themselves.

    Shri Ardhendu Choudhuri also participated and supported the motion.

    Replying to this motion, Dr. F.A. Khonglam, Minister i/c Revenue replied that a bill to amend the Act will be brought to enable all members to discuss and to arrive at a consensus. However, he stated that this Act does not prohibit any non-tribals to stay anywhere in the State.

    Supplementing to the Replies of the Minister, the Chief Minister shared the concern of the mover of the motion and the Hon'ble member from Mawprem. He pleaded to the NGOs, Social Organisations to come forward with their criticisms and suggestions

Shri M. Zenith, M. Sangma moved Motion No.6.

    The mover of the motion apprised that although PHC/CHCs had been establishing, doctors, para medical staff were reluctant to stay in the rural areas. This had created problems to the general people at large.

    Malaria, the dreaded disease had claimed many lives in view of the absence of wall equipped laboratories. He felt that if blood test is done, many lives could have been saved. He requested the Government to provide with well equipped laboratories and well trained technicians.

    With regard to Tuberculosis, the mover stated that the patients were not getting proper treatment. X-rays are not available in all the PHCs/CHCs. He contended that if X-rays are available, the disease would have been detected and treated earlier.

    The mover also felt the need to have a medical College in the State.

    In reply to the motion, Dr. Donkupar Roy admitted that doctors and Para medical Staff are reluctant to work/stay in the rural areas. In this regard, case has been taken to see that doctors and Para-medical Staff work and stay in the rural areas if they want to be promoted.

    With regard to early detection of Malaria the Government is trying its best to provide microscope to every PHC and CHCs. The Department is tying its best to provide X-ray machines to every CHC.

    With regard to the setting up of a medical College in the State, the Government is trying its best to work with NEIGRIMS. As at present, there are 43 seats reserved for the students in the State and most of them do not come back to work for the State.

    With regard to the setting up of a C.T. Scan in every PHC and CHC, it will be provided wherever possible. The Government is trying to give Home based treatment where T.B. patients can be treated at home only.

    With regard to medicine, the Minister stated that it will be impossible to provide to each and every patient for all type of diseases. However only common diseases, will be provided.


    The mover of the Motion wanted to know from the Government with regard to the implementation of Schemes like SGSY, SGRY, IAY, CRRP  and CMSRDF. He liked and example that the first instalment had been released during the time of the former MLA. In this respect, a Utilisation Certificate has to be counter signed by the former MLA. However, for the 2nd instalment he wanted to know who will counter sign it. The movers is wanted to know the type of work to be done by the Gram Sevak. He cited an example that in chockpot, there was a scheme with an amount of Rs.1.50 lakhs. About Rs.80,000/- was released and the balance amount has been found to be questionable.

    Shri H.S. Lyngdoh also participated.

    Replying to the motion, Shri J.D. Rymbai, Minister in-charge C and RD stated that he had received complaints in the process of payment and issuing of Utilisation Certificate. The 1st instalment approved and sanctioned against former MLAs was released and for the 2nd instalment approved and sanctioned against former MLAs was released and for the 2nd instalment, the U/C should be obtained form the sitting MLA for various Schemes. On receipt of the Utilisation Certificate for the 2nd instalment, the BDO shall have to verify himself or by his subordinate Engineer. If the Scheme is correct and factual, he will have to certify on the body of the U/C and submit to the Deputy Commissioner.

    With regard to the works done by the Gram Sevak he is just like a middleman between the BDO and the local body of a village in the form of a meeting, the Minister stated.

    Shri Zenith M. Sangma did not move his motion.


    The House rose at 2.00 P.M. and stood adjourned till 10.00 a.m. on Friday, the 19th December, 2003.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.