(Thursday, The 17th June, 2004)

            The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Member's Business.

1.        QUESTIONS :

                Starred questions Nos. 43,44,45,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,55 and 56 with Supplementaries thereto and Nos. 46,54,57 and 61 without Supplementary have been disposed of.
                Unstarred questions Nos. 15 upto 24 to which written answers were given, have been laid on the tables.


                The Hon'ble Speaker announced that yesterday he had received a notice of Privilege Motion under Rule 159 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly submitted by Shri Z. M. Sangma against Shri E.K. Sangma for his remarks on the Shillong Times dated 26th April, 2004. He read out the notice for the  information of the House.
                Shri Cyprian  R. Sangma, Minister in charge C&R.D., Shri R.L. Tariang ,Minister in charge power, Dr. Mukul Sangma, Minister in charge P.W.D. (Roads) and Shri J.D. Rymbai, Minister in charge  Parliamentary Affairs, suggested that since this is a very serious issue and it tantamounts to a contempt of the chair, it should be allowed to be discussed today.
                Shri A.L. Hek, Shri Ardhendu Choudhuri, Shri. J.M. Marak and Shri M.Rava took part and express their views that this should be referred to the privilege committee for taking the decision.
                 Upon ascertaining the views from both sides, the Hon'ble Speaker ruled that since the concerned Member was not present in the house, discussion on this matter cannot take place today. The House agreed that this matter will be taken up on Monday, the 21st June,2004.


                    Under Rule 54(1) of the Rules of procedure and conduct of business, Shri  A.Choudhuri, called the attention of the Home Minister to a news item appearing in" The Shillong Times" dated 5.6.2004 under the caption "  H. C. saks police to initiate inquiry".
                     Highlighting the plight of the truck drivers operating in the Shillong- Jowai Road on the frequent illegal collection of money by the police in different police out posts and police Stations all along this National Highway and also on the basis of the complaint lodged by the Truck Owners' Association of Jaintia hills in the Shillong Bench of the Guwahati High court to which an order has been issued by the High Court  to the police institute an inquiry in this regard , the hon. Member from Mawprem, desired to know the actual stand of the Government and what action they are taking on this to stop this illegal collection on this National Highway by the Traffic Police.
                    Shri D.D. Lapang ,  Chief Minister in reply  to the calling Attention Notice, apprised the hon. Member from Mawprem acting upon a writ petition filed by  Shri  B.Thubru, President of the Jaintia Hills Truck Owners' Association, against the Police Department, the Government of Meghalaya and on 24 other respondents the Shillong Bench of the Guwahati High Court has passed an order on 5th June,2004 asking the police Department to initiate an inquiry. He further informed that in pursuance of the above order the Government  has appointed Shri Rana, DIG(ACB) to conduct the inquiry vide Memo.No.MG./12/500/2004 (A)/3, dated 9.6.2004 and to submit a report with in one month and that S.P. in the districts and the DIGs have been instructed to take drastic action on whoever found guilty of this illegal collection in the National Highways.


                Shri A. Choudhuri , beg leave of the House to introduce the Meghalaya Right to Information Bill, 2004.
                (The hon'ble Speaker put the main question before the house - The question was that the leave be granted to introduce the Meghalaya Right to Information bill, 2004).
                The" Noes" have it , the " Noes" have it , the motion was lost and the leave was not granted to introduced the bill.

5.         MOTIONS :

                 Shri A.L Hek, moved motion No.1  :

                  "This House do now discuss the need for the Government to take up measures to make Shillong clean and green"        
                 Moving his motion, the Hon. Member from Pynthorumkhrah stated that Shillong once upon a time was considered as the cleanest City in the Country popularly known as Scotland of the East but that Glory is no longer there now. He called for measures by Creating Public awareness and people participation with Government support to regain the lost glory and to make Shillong once again clean and green.
                He proposed doing away with the dustbin for dumping garbage and that the responsibility should be entrusted to the local durbars and that some sort of incentives or award be given by the Government to those localities who have taken the initiative to take the garbages to the dumping site. He also proposed for the setting up of incinerator and to strictly enforce the rules of the prevention of manufacture, sale and use of low density plastic bags ( Amendment ) Bill, 2004 on random throwing of plastic bags since he was afraid lest  the very purpose of the aforementioned bill will be defeated
                Shri Zenith Sangma and Shri H.S. Lyngdoh took part.

                    In reply, Shri Friday Lyngdoh, Minister in charge urban Affairs stated that the Government is very much aware to the need of keeping Shillong clean and that in doing so, steps in this direction should be initiated by the people themselves whereas Government will always be there to assist them in this matter .However, the Minister in charge mentioned that of late this awareness of having a green Shillong have been felt by every citizen not only in the Municipal Areas but also outside and in the suburbs by way of forming a kind of society and get themselves registered with the Government with the sole aim and objective of clearing of garbage and to take them to the compositing  plant at Mawiong.
                Shri Ardhendu Choudhuri moved motion No.2

                 "This house do now discuss the resentment and frustration of the people of Shillong due to non -completion of Art and Culture Building at Rilbong.
                  The hon. Member stated that the ground reality in Shillong is that all cultural activities have come to a standstill and this has cost tremendous resentment on the minds of people in view of the non completion and inordinate delay in the construction of Art Gallery including the Auditorium at Rilbong by the concern department. he cited many instances on the delay in the construction of the building and attributed the fault to the lapses on the part of the department which has resulted in the non- completion of even the first phase after so many years.
                   The hon. Member suggested that the P.W.D. should expedite the submission of plans and estimates with the consultants so that the first phase and also that the remaining phases should be completed as soon as possible.
                    Replaying to the points raised by the hon. Member,Shri D.D. Lapang ,Chief Minister apprised the House of the factors responsible in the delay of the construction of the Art and Culture Building at Rilbong .However , he assured that the government is considering to see that the first phase of the construction should be completed. He also endorsed the suggestion of the mover that some sort of meeting between the P.W.D. and other  departments would be convened to put a deadline and also to set a target for the completion and that local M.L.A., shall be taken into confidence for that matter in future.
                    Shri T.D. Shira moved motion No.3 :

                    "This House do now discuss the functioning of the public works Department (Roads)".

Moving his motion ,Shri T.D. Shira stated that the road conditions in Garo Hills are in a very bad shape and that the answer from the P.W.D. Minister was that there is fund constraint and that because of the bad condition of roads and communication, movement of essential commodities and other important items of day - to day life are restricted. He suggested that Government should give top priority on roads. The hon. Member from Resubelpara also urged upon the Government to be fair to distribute the funds equally to all constituencies so that every Member will get his due share.
                     Shri M. Rava , Shri H.S.Lyngdoh and Shri A .Choudhuri took part.

                      Dr. Mukul Sangma ,Minister in charge P.W.D. (Roads) in reply to the points raised by the mover of the motion and other members who took part , said that definitely, it is the P.W.D. that is one the most important department that contributes to the development of the economy of the state and it is the sincere desire of this Government to strengthen the department and to streamline the functions of this department with the very  intention to identify the problems and to find out the lacunae to get the same redressed. He further stated that there are inherent problems which are complex in nature which require immediate solution.
                     Giving detailed statement on the achievement of the target of road construction including the road density available as of now, the Minister mentioned of roads  scheme and projects taken up under the Centrally Sponsored scheme like the PMGSY.
                      He further stated that besides PMGSY, the department has resorted to borrowing from NABARD to fulfill the need of having road connectivity in the State according to the need of  the people since the DMS has discontinued to take up construction of roads constituency- wise. The Minister incharge presented detailed figures of achievements of road construction by the P.W.D. during the past few years. His reply remains inconclusive. He will continue on the next day.

5.        ADJOURNMENT :

                      The House rose at 2 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Friday, the 18th June, 2004.





Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.