(TUESDAY, THE 15th MARCH, 2005)

        The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government business :-


        Starred questions Nos 16,20 and 22 lapsed since the Questionnaire was absent, Nos, 21 and 24 without supplementary and Nos, 17, 18, 19,23, 25, and 26 with supplementaries thereto, were disposed of.


        Under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.M. Syiem called the attention of the Minister incharge of Planning to the news item published in the "Shillong Times" dated 9.3.2005 under the caption "Plan panel charge holds no water : Government".

        Quoting news item from the Shillong Time dated 9th March, 2005, the hon. Member from Mylliem stated that the Secretary of the Planning Commission during his visit to this State had criticised the Government for not implementing of the Central projects promptly and that he had also expressed concern  for the poor roads condition in the State as well as the non implementation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes.

        The hon. Member called for a reply from the Minister incharge planning on the actual position and urged the Government to take a very serious note on this comment by the Secretary of the Planning Commission and to try to find out the person who wanted to tarnish the good image of this Government.

        In his reply to the Calling Attention, Dr. D. D. Lapang, Chief Minister incharge Planning, apprised the hon. Member from Mylliem that the said news item referred to certain alleged remarks ascribed to the  Secretary of the Planning Commission his visit to this State recently in which he has commented unfavorably in regard to implementation of Central projects in the State in general and also on the roads condition in the State in particular.

        However, the Chief Minister incharge of Planning informed the House that the Government had not received any communication either from the Secretary, Planning Commission or from any other functionary of the Planning Commission with regard to any adverse observation on the implementation of Schemes in the State or on the utilisation of Plan funds, subsequent to the visit of the Secretary of the Planning Commission to this State.

        Mentioning that  the implementation of Schemes in this State has generally come in for praise from the Planning Commission and other institutions in which Meghalaya had been complimented for the achievements which had been made in various Sectors, the Chief Minister further stated that the Government believe that, the adverse remarks ascribed to the Secretary, Planning Commission in this regard might have either been misquoted in the Press or might have gone out of context. He assured that Government will continue its endeavour to accelerate the pace of development in the State for the welfare of the Citizen and that it is looking forward to the continued cooperation of all Sectors of this House in its attempt to secure funds from the Central Government and other sources.


        Participating in the debate on the Governor's Address Shri Manas Choudhuri, paid tribute to the contribution  made by the great and seasoned parliamentarians in the persons like (late) Hober Hynniewta, Capt. W. A. Sangma, Shri B. B. Lyngdoh, Shri M. N. Majaw, Capt, Manik Das, Prof. R. S. Lyngdoh and Shri H. Hadem in regard to their role they have played to uphold the standard of debates of this august House.

        The hon. Member from Mawprem emphasized on the need to bring the Right to Information Bill and the State Commission for Women for the benefit of the people at large. He also stressed on the strengthening of Police force and suggested measures to revamp this force. As regards Tourism, the hon. Member suggested the development of a squad to guide Tourists who visit places within the State by appointing unemployed youth. He called for a concretive efforts on the part of the Government to provide good and proper health care in the Rural areas including the Civil Hospital at Shillong which is lagging in infrastructures and other equipments. He urged the Government to pay special attention to the prevalence of Malaria in Garo Hills and called for measures to contain the menace. He also suggested completion of Thermal Power Stations in order to regulate power supply to Tura and other parts of Garo Hills.

        Smti Jopsimon Phanbuh took part. She supported the amendment to the motion of thanks.

        Shri D. P. Iangjuh, Shri Tonsing N. Marak, Shri Prestone Tynsong and Shri K. K. Dkhar took part and supported the motion of thanks to the Governor's Address.


        Since there was no other participants, the House rose at 1.30 P.M. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Wednesday the 16th March, 2005.


                                                                                                               Meghalaya Legislative Assembly