The House met at 10. a.m. with  Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business :-


        Starred questions Nos. 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 with Supplementaries thereto, Nos.33 to 44 with any supplementary were disposed of.


        Participating in the debate on the Governor's Address during the day, Shri. B. G. Momin, lauded the efforts of the Government for providing a Clean and efficient administration and also for bringing peace and tranquility in the State under the leadership of the present Chief Minister.

        The hon. Member reiterated on the need to set up Vigilance Committee to oversee expenditure by the different departments and to monitor physical management of funds. He suggested that Finance and Planning Departments should seriously examine and identify the unproductive sectors by converting them into productive sectors in order to enhance the revenue collection and to bring it to expectations.

        As regards Road and Communication, the hon. Member lamented at the target which was achieved for the last 33 years and he was critical on the deplorable conditions of roads in the State. He cited an example to the National Highway from Paikan to Tura and urged the Government to take a serious note on this. Expressing dissatisfaction with the reply of the Minister incharge P. W. D. to Starred Question No.2 on 14th March, that Rs.30 crores was alloted to the four districts whereas two districts of  East and South Garo Hills were completely left out and not even a single kilometer was sanctioned, he called for a reply as to why the scheme was not sanctioned inspite of the density being the lowest in these two districts in the whole State of Meghalaya. He supported the motion of thanks.

        Shri. Kyrmen Susngi, Shri. Mihsalan Suchiang participated in the debate on the Governor's Address and supported the motion of thanks.

        Shri. Edmund K. Sangma also participated. He supported the amendment to the motion of thanks moved by the hon. Member from Pynthorumkhrah.

        The participants dwelt at length on the subjects referred to in the address and highlighted a number of suggestions for better and effective implementation of various plans and programmes to be launched by the State Government and to achieve the desired objective.

        Since there were no other participants, Shri. B. G. Momin continued his discussion on the points which remain inconclusive. The hon. Member called for concrete steps to ensure regular supply of electricity to Garo Hills and suggested immediate repairing of the existing transformers. He also touched on other subjects which were reflected in the address.


        Wounding his reply to the various points raised, Dr. D. D. Lapang thanked the participants for their constructive criticism and their interest in the affairs of the State as well as on the numerous problems confronting the Government. As regards Education, he stated that the Government is giving top priority in the plans and programmes to bring the standard of education at the schools and colleges level upto expectation. He assured that Government will take up with the U. G. C. to set up examination centres in Jaintia Hills. On the question of Law and Order, the Chief Minister informed the hon. Member from Nongstoin that after the signing of the agreement between the Government and A. N. V. C., the problem of militancy was no longer in Mawthengkut and assured that Government will take steps to remove the fear psychosis from the minds of the people. The Chief Minister further stated that a complaint has been lodged with the Government of India of the movement of militants and that a joint combing operation with Assam will be launched to nab the ultras and that steps to invite the militants group like H. N. L. C. to the negotiating table have been made but no positive response has come from them although few of them have come to surrender and availed of the package programme offered by the Government. On the question of National Identity Cards, he replied that the Government will examine to see that people who come to work in the State should be issued with identity cards so as to check influx and infiltrations and to enhance the talents of local people. As regards boundary dispute in Block I and Block II, the Chief Minister apprised that the Deputy Commissioners of the concerned districts have been instructed to work in coordination with the district Council to see that the boundary dispute is settled amicably and that at the State level a Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Shri. Sayeedulah Nongrum, Minister incharge Health in which the Deputy Commissioners were also involved to see that the vexed problem is solved once and for all. He also gave a categorical reply to the points raised by the participants and those contained in the amendment and assured that other points which were not replied, have been taken note of the concerned department. He replied to the clarifications sought for by the hon. Member from Nongstoin and by the mover of the amendment.

        (The time was extended till the Chief Minister concludes his reply).


        Since there were no other business the House rose at 2.02 P. M. and stood adjourned till 10 a. m. on Thursday, the 17th March, 2005.




Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.