(MONDAY, THE 28th MARCH, 2005)

        The House met at 10. a.m. with  the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business :-


        Starred questions Nos. 162, 163, 165, 166, 168, 170, 172, 173 and 178 lapsed since the questionaires were absent. Starred questions Nos. 164, 167, 169, 171, 174, 176 and 177 with supplementaries thereto were disposed of.


        Under Rule 300 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business, Shri. R. G. Lyngdoh, raised a point of order  with  regard to the  no. of starred questions  which came up in the House to which  the Minister  incharge  P. W. D. (Roads) had to reply.

        The hon. Member suggested that not more than four to five questions should be allowed for a Minister to reply in one particular day so that it will be convenient for him to reply to the supplementaries also.

        Replying to the point of order, the Chair, clarified that the questions have been listed for the day on the basis of the replies received from the concerned departments. However, he assured that the matter would be looked into.


        Shri. P. M. Syiem, called the attention of the Minister in-charge Secretariat Administration under Rule 54 (1)of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in  "Mawphor" Dt.8-3-05 under the caption "Hap sangeh eksamin MPSC bym iahap ki jingkylli".

        Making his submission, the hon. mover of the Calling Attention motion stated that it was through the M. P. S. C. which is an autonomous body in the State that interviews for out youth are being determined from time to time in the form of conducting examinations to fill up the posts lying vacant  in the different departments but the happening which had taken place during the conduct of this particular examination to fill up some vacant posts in Khasi subject in the various higher secondary schools throughout the State was alleged to be unfair.

        The hon. Member from Mylliem further mentioned that on the date fixed for the interview, the concerned applicants have come prepared from the course they have passed in the School curriculum, but to the surprised of the examinees when they entered the examination hall, they found that the questions set up for this particular post was out of the syllabus provided for the M. P. S. C.

        He called for measures from the Government to look into the State of affairs in the M. P. S. C. to rectify the mistakes so that this happening does not recur in future since he was afraid that if such things happen again, it may affect the mental agony and a no. of students who sat for various examinations conducted by the M. P. S. C. may not have any more faith on this body. He cited one instance whereby complaint had been lodged with the M. P. S. C. by the candidates who have appeared at the L. D. Assistance Examination held in Government  Girls Higher Secondary School on 9.10.2004. The hon. mover wanted to know the fate of the students who have appeared in the Khasi subject on that very day and the action taken by the Government on the M. P. S. C. in this regard.

        Replying to the calling attention motion, Dr. D. D. Lapang, Chief Minister incharge personnel, apprised the hon. Member from Mylliem that after being short listed candidates were called for the written Examination to be held on 7th March, 2005 and that 65 candidates appeared in the said examination for the post of assistant Teachers in Khasi subject and that as per the intimation letter issued by the M. P. S. C. candidates were also intimated that the Test Examination would be the standard of Higher Secondary Course but the candidates have submitted the complaint to the MPSC on that very day alleging that some of the questions were of Degree Course.

        However, the Chief Minister told the House that the MPSC had taken cognisance of the complaint and had decided to conduct a fresh examination and that the revised dates of the examination and the syllabus will be communicated to the individual candidates concerned accordingly. He assured that the Government will look into this matter very seriously to rectify the affairs of the Commission and to see that it  comes up to expectation. 

        As regards to anomalies in connection with the Test Examination for L. D. A. posts, the Chief Minister assured that it has not come to the notice of the Government and that Government will look into it.


        Shri. P. T. Sawkmie, initiated the general Discussion of the Budget. Drawing a comparison with budget speeches of the preceding years since 1971-72 update, the hon. Member commended on the progress of developments which the State had achieved in the various fields and sectors. He suggested that the departments should take care of the developments are properly carried out to achieve the goal development.

        On C & RD Department, he suggested that for new construction the amount should be increased from 25,000 to 50,000 whereas for upgradation from 12,500 to 25,000 to help the beneficiaries. On Education, the hon. Member from Mawlai suggested that the Government should provide Rs.10,000 as scholarship to those students who secured 1st division in the H. S. L. C. examination and also for those students who secured 1st division in the H. S. S. L. C. to boost their morale and also for the poor students in the class XII or Pre-University level Government should provide one computer set and that the Government should take the initiative to give education loan to students to pursue their study inside or outside the State. As regards to Agriculture, he urged upon the Government to come forward to help the formers by providing power tillers and fertilizers etc. free of cost.

        The hon. Member also dwelt at length on other subjects viz., Forest, Vety & Animals Husbandry, Flood Control, Border Areas Development, Housing, P.H.E.. Transport, Tourism, Additional Resources Mobilisation and Revenue.

        Shri. P. M. Syiem participated in the general discussion on the Budget.


        Shri. J. D. Rymbai, Minister incharge Parliamentary Affairs informed the House that he had received a note from the Chief Secretary requesting on behalf of senior officers of the Government the need to have a recess especially from tomorrow to the 31st March, 2005 because of the important things linking very closely with the financial year position of the State as well as for the smooth functioning of the Government. He stated that the Banks now have computerised the accounts and that they are very strict and cannot release any amount for the transaction of running bills and contractors bills. The Minister incharge requested the Chair to called the sense of the House to agree that this House will have a recess for at least three or four days and also to request the Speaker to resummon the B. A. C. for rescheduling the Calendar for this ongoing Session.

        Complimenting the proposal brought forward by the Minister in charge Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. D. D. Lapang, Chief Minister stated that the Government have been trying its level best to abide by the Calendar approved by the House but since the officers of the Government have been working instantly round the clock while attending to the papers and present in the House plathera of files have remained pending in the rooms of the officers undisposed and that in view of the strictures by the S.B.I. that the records have to be closed by 31st March to ensure that no bill should lapse the Government will be put in an awkward position. In view of these unforeseen circumstances, the Chief Minister requested the Speaker to take the sense of the House to have a recess from tomorrow upto the 1st of April and to reconvene the B. A. C. for rescheduling the Calendar without harming the sentiments of the Members of this House to enable the officers to have a free hand on this matter.

        However, since the Calendar has been already approved by the B.A.C. and also by the House, the Speaker left the matter to the House to decide (Voices : yes, yes)

        (The House to stand adjourned till the 4th of April, 2005)

        Shri. E. K. Sangma, suggested that as one of the Members of B.A.C. that since all the members are present here in the station the B.A.C. should meet today soon after the House is adjourned.

        Endorsing the suggestion of the hon. Member from Darenggiri, the Hon'ble Speaker ruled that the B.A.C. is rescheduled to meet in his Chamber immediately after the House rises for the day. He requested all the Members of the B.A.C. in his Chamber accordingly.

        Shri. H. S. Lyngdoh will participate on the 4th April, 2005.


        The House rose at 1.30 p.m. and stood adjourned till 10 a.m. on Monday the 4th April, 2005.





 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.