(MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2006)

The House met at 10.00 a.m. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


Starred Question No. 1 to 5 were disposed of. Starred Question No.6 to 23 could not be taken up due to lack of time.


Shri P. M. Syiem wanted to know from the Government when will the Meghalaya House Kolkata construction work start and also who paid the amount of Rs.1.52 crores as fees to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Shri Prestone Tynsong Minister i/c G. A. D. replied that as per the contract agreement made with the AHCL, the fees was paid by the Company to the K.M.C. and the work will start commencing from the date receiving the building permit i.e the 22nd June, 2006.


Shri P. M. Syiem drew the attention of the Minister to the disappearance of rice lifted from Barpeta and Sarbhok and wanted to know what action has been taken by the Government against those involved.

In reply, Smti Irin Lyngdoh Minister incharge Agriculture informed that the matter is under investigation.


Shri R. G. Lyngdoh, Home Minister made a suo moto statement under Rule 55 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly that on the 21.6.2006 two persons belonging to the U.P.D.S were killed and the Assam Police were informed accordingly. They were requested to post a picket to thwart of any backlash. Arms and ammunitions recovered from them were handed over to the Assam Police.


Shri P. T. Sawkmie while initiating the discussion on the Budget was of the considered opinion that in order to reduce the deficit, the Government should ban creation of new posts except on special circumstances, ban on the purchase of new vehicles except on replacement, restriction of official tours, restriction of maintenance of office rooms. He suggested that in order to generate revenue, the Government should increase registration on all motor vehicles, passengers tax, professional tax, goods tax, driving license fees, annual fees for the bonded ware houses, royalty on coal and limestone, increase VAT on import items, increase luxuries tax on restaurants and hotels and foreign liquor.

He also spoke about Power, Sports, Health, Social Departments on general subjects.

Shri Manas Chaudhuri agreed with the first speaker who initiated the discussion on the budget that the deficit of the Government should be bridged. He was of the firm view that the non productive Parliamentary Secretaries and Chairmen should be done away with. With regard to Education he was in line with the statement made by the former Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma that in order to get quality teachers, the job reservation should not apply in this case.

With regard to Health sector, he stated that major hospitals are without medicines and there is no pharmacy to open for twenty four hours. He wanted the Government to set up such pharmacy in the Civil hospitals Shillong. He also spoke about the P.W.D., Hoticulture, Animal Husbandry and Information and Public Relations which is of general character. However, on Archery, he was of the opinion that the winning tickets must shell out a little tax to generate revenue for the State exchequer.

Shri T. D. Shira spoke at length about the Shillong bye-pass which has not taken shape till date. He was of the view that if the Government was not in a position to construct this bye-pass, private parties should be invited and a toll could be imposed on all vehicular vehicles till the expenditure is recovered as was done in other States. He also spoke about the pathetic conditions of supply of electric power in Garo Hills. To overcome this problem and to enable the Government to earn more revenue, it should construct more Hydro electric projects.

He also spoke about the supply of untreated water to the villages, the non availability of veterinary doctors in veterinary hospitals and unscientific extraction of coal, development of sports to lure away the youths from undesirable activities, plant more trees in the barren lands.

Shri A. L. Hek referred to the budget speech of 2005-2006 that 7860 kms road would be constructed and for 2006-2007 7886 kms of road would be constructed showing that this year the Government will construct road only 26 kms which is very surprising. Speaking about traffic congestion, he lamented that every event/program held in the Jawaharlal Nehru Sport Complex, confusion always prevails because of traffic congestion. He had been crying hoarse to the Government that an alternative exit point should be constructed just adjacent to archery ground to ease the traffic jam in Polo. He also spoke about Education, Sports, Urban Affairs which are of general in nature.

Shri H. S. Lyngdoh also spoke about the boundary, P. W. D. and Health.

Since there is no more time, Shri H. S. Lyngdoh will continue his speech next day.


The House rose at 2.00 p.m and stood adjourned till 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 27th June, 2006.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.