(TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2006)

The House met at 10.00 a.m. with the Hon'ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


Starred Question No.24 to 32 were disposed of. Starred Question No.33 to 37 could not be taken up due to lack of time.


Shri H. S. Lyngdoh who was on his feet on the 26.6.2006 took the floor by drawing the attention of the Government that because of the disturbances and harassment of the militants, the people were forced to flee from their villages. He spoke about the non-availability of medicines in P.H.Cs, C.H.Cs. He also spoke about education of general nature.
Shri P. M. Syiem wanted to know from the Government whether the plan outlay is revenue account on surplus budget or revenue account on deficit budget. He lamented that contractors will not do any work anymore because their pending bills had not been cleared by the Department. He drove home his point that seminars should be held to educate the MLAs in matters of annual Budgeting. The purchase of bitumen, should be reverted back to the previous process and the Department should do the purchasing not by the contractors. Since road transport is the lifeline of the people felt that more money should be pumped in this sector.

Shri M. Suchiang spoke at length with regard to the boundary dispute of Block I areas where the people had been living in fear. During the last Assam Assembly no candidate held a meeting in Psiar village which clearly shows that this area belongs to Meghalaya. Therefore, he requested the Government to review their thinking on this matter.

Shri E. K. Sangma spoke about the needs to repair the roads in Shillong and other places of the State. He also drew the attention of the Government in the widening of the road and making a retaining wall just opposite State Central Library of the high cost to the tune of Rs.1.10 crores. He also spoke about people not getting enough drinking water in the villages and about Tourism the Government should concentrate more to develop the rural areas to attract more tourists.

Shri M. M. Sangma spoke about the law and order problem where a child was kidnapped and brutally murdered, molestation against women, theft of vehicles, kidnapping of two Custom officers. He suggested that a master plan for Tura town should be prepared to solve the drainage system, widening and strengthening of the existing roads, construction of a Bye-pass, pathetic conditions of the roads in Chokpot. He also spoke about the shortage of power supply in Garo Hills.

Smti J. R. Phanbuh wanted the Government that proper policy relating to the issue of inflation should be taken up. She also wanted the Government to give wide publicity with regard to the on-going photography for voters. With regard to forest, she stressed the need to regularize the marketing of non-timbers forest produced.


Shri R. L. Tariang raised a point of order with regard to the remarks of Shri Manas Chaudhuri that the non-profitable Parliamentary Secretaries and Chairmen should be done away with. Since it is unparliamentarily, felt that it should be expunged.

Shri Manas Chaudhuri felt that in order to reduce the fiscal deficit, the non-plan expenditure had to be cut down by doing away the non-profitable Parliamentary Secretaries and Chairmen.

Having heard from both sides, the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker ruled that since the words "non-profitable" has hurt the sentiments of many of the hon'ble Members expunged it from the proceedings


At the outset, the Deputy Chief Minister informed that there might be some points which will not be covered in his replies to the Budget Speech. However, he assured the Department had taken note of them. With regard to power, there had been load shedding in the last few months due to the less water in the Umiam lake and had not this been done, the system would collapse. To augment power shortage, the Board had to purchase it from outside. However, this load shedding was withdraw during the World cup. Tax on coal and limestone, the State Government is not the authority to increase or decrease royalty.

With regard to Sports policy, the same had been prepared and examined by the Department. In connection with awards in cash to the sports persons who participated in international and national events, stated that at present, the amount is adequate. It can be enhanced later on if fund is available.

There are schemes for the delinquent and destitute woman, the infirm, disabled and the aged.

With regard to allot more fund of P.W.D., he opened that if this is done will affect the other departments. With regard to non-plan expenditure, the Government will cut down avoidable expenditure. He stated that all MLAs agreed that wasteful expenditure in the form of purchasing luxuries vehicles should be curbed. With regard to appointment of Parliament Secretaries and Chairmen, the Government felt that services are required. Regarding increasing up Tax to increase revenue, the Government will explore ways and means how to mobilize additional resources.

To a point raised on patented Sohra oranges, the matter will be examined by the Government in consultation with experts.

On Health sector, the Government is trying its best to cater to the needs of the public by providing essential medicines to C.H.Cs/P.H.Cs, appoint specialists in different categories. Regarding the opening of pharmacy for 24 hours in Civil Hospitals, the matter is under process. In areas where Malaria is rampant, impregnated mosquito net is provided. The strengthening of a DIPR will be examined by the Government. With regard to the appointment of teachers, till the Government framed a separated policy in the appointment of teachers, the job reservation will continue. However, the teaching teachers are sent for training from time to time.

With regard to power, the Deputy Chief Minister stated that at present, there has been no decision to hand over the two hydro electric power projects to the NEEPCO. However, the Krishna and Simsang rivers damming would be looked into by the Government. Street lights at Polo areas are non-functional because they need to be replaced. This has not been done because the Municipal Board has not paid the Bill. On the need to have a separate exit in Polo as pointed by Shri A.L. Hek this will be looked into if feasible.

On the points raised by Shri H. S. Lyngdoh with regard to the effects of Uranium mining, the Deputy Chief Minister stated that the Bhabha Atomic Research report indicated that the estimated dose of 0.02 milli Sievert, no undesirable health impact is expected.

Since the time is up, the Hon'ble Deputy Speaker sought the sense of the House to extend the time to enable the Deputy Chief Minister to complete his replies.

( Voices - Yes )

The Hon'ble Deputy Speaker after getting the sense of the House to extend the time allowed the Deputy Chief Minister to continue with his replies.

Deputy Chief Minister replies (continued)

With regard to the points raised by Shri M. Suchiang on the development of the areas falling under the jurisdiction of Assam, the Government will not be in a position to extend any help since it is out of its jurisdiction. However, to curb militancy in the area, the matter had been taken up with the Assam Government. However, there is a move to strengthen the police outpost in Mukroh.

To the points raised by Shri E. K. Sangma, on the law and order situation, steps will be taken by the Government to control crime. Road communications will be improved in Chokpot areas.


The House rose at 2.20 p.m and stood adjourned till 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday, the 28th June, 2006.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.