No. ED.3/MLA/2006/3.,

Dated Shillong, the 28th March, 2006.

From :

Shri K.M. Syiem,
Officer-On-Special Duty (Debates)
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

To :

All Members,
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.

Subject :



I am directed to state the Assembly Bulletin No.7 dated 27th March, 2006 issued vide this Secretariat. No.ED.3/MLA/BS/8,dt.27.3.2006 the following should appear as SL.No.13:-

Shri J.D. Rymbai, Minister in-charge Parliamentary Affairs.

With permission from the Chair, I beg, Sir, to move that this House agrees to the selection of the new site at Upper Shillong for construction of a new Assembly Building.

(The motion was carried and the House agrees to the selection of the new site at Upper Shillong for construction of a new Assembly Building)”

The inadvertent error is very much regretted.

Yours faithfully,

Office-On-Special Duty (Debates)
Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.





         The House met at 10 a.m. with the Hon'ble speaker in the Chair.

1.    Questions :

          Starred Questions from Nos.129 to 153  and Unstarred Questions Nos.38 to 95 were disposed of.


          Dr. Friday Lyngdoh, Minister in-charge Urban Affairs laid a statement under Rule 55 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business pertaining to Starred Question No.27 dt 23.3.2006.

         Shri Kyrmen Susngi, Minister in-charge Agriculture laid a statement under Rule 55 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business pertaining to Starred Question No.22 dt.23.3.2006.

         Dr. Donkupar Roy, Deputy Chief Minister laid a statement under Rule 55 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business pertaining to Starred Question No.3 dt.20th March .2006.


        Dr. Donkupar Roy, Deputy Chief Minister requested for extension of time submit the report of the Select Committee on the Meghalaya Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill, 2006, till the next session.


        Shri Manas Chaudhuri moved that "Whereas, Meghalaya's biggest urban agglomeration Shillong has been subjected to recurring water shortage over the past couple of decades causing unmitigated suffering to a vast majority of the citizens and rate payers.  Despite Commissioning of the of the Greater Water Supply Scheme involving huge expenditure and manpower engagement, the problem is far from being solved. Infact, the water supply system seems to be bursting at the seams owing to chaotic and unplanned network of pipelines, not help by inept handling of the problem by the concerned authorities.


                " Whereas the Public Health Engineering Department has been entrusted with the task of tapping and maintaining water supply sources, the Shillong Municipal Board is responsible  for operating the supply to the individual house-holds within the Municipal Area. Outside the Municipal Area, the system is in private hands, mostly under the local traditional bodies. This municipality of authorities lack of coordination among them and the inability of the Shillong Municipal Board to effectively discharge its responsibilities has been primarily responsible for the unsatisfactory situation that the people of Shillong have been caught in.

                " This House therefore do resolve to set up an exclusive, autonomous, professionally-run organization having the unequivocal mandate to undertake complete overhauling and streamlining of the operation of water supply system in the Greater Shillong Area and thereby putting an end to the suffering of the people."

                Initiating the discussion, highlighted the Government that the water supply to Shillong city is posing a serious  threat due to shortage of drinking water. He also said that there is disparity in the payment of tax of different localities. In the last session, the  Minister in-charge PHE assured to look into this matter but nothing had been done. Actually, this is the duty of the Assurance Committee of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to pursue the matter vigorously.

Shri P.T. Sawkmie


    He spoke at length about the present system of management and suggested:


  (1) PHE should purchase water tanker vehicle.


  (2) Increase water supply from 7.5 mgd to 11mgd which is the present requirement.


  (3) Compare the Aus Aid map with that of the PHE and to implement it. In the end, he opposed the Resolution moved by the Hon'ble Member Shri Manas Chaudhuri.


 Shri B. G. Momin.


     The hon'ble Member Suggested that the department should make a serious effort to tap perennial source of water to cater the rising population of Shillong city.
    Conclusively he opposed the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri. 


Shri Zenith Sangma.


   He was of the firm belief that unless and until the Department is sincere to protect the sources of water and the catchment areas, water supply to Shillong will become more acute in the near future. Concluding his speech he opposed the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri, hon'ble Member from Mawprem.


Shri Paul Lyngdoh.


The Hon'ble Member expressed concern at the depletion of forest cover and catchment areas at  the source of water. Suggested that the Forest Department and PHE Department work in tandem for better management. Winding up his speech, opposed the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri.


Shri T.N. Marak.


  The Hon'ble Member was of the opinion that the Shillong Municipal Board and the PHE should work together to meet the demands of the public because of the population of the Shillong city is increasing year by year.

   In the end, the opposed the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri.


Shri R.G.Lyngdoh.


Felt that the existing machineries should be revamped Suggested that there should be tanks and sub-tanks as nearer as possible to the consumer to minimize their expenditure. He was also apprehensive that the Wahkhen river is fast drying up because of the un-wanton quarrying by private parties. He also  suggested that house- holds should harvest rain water and should be made mandatory to them. He opposed the Resolution moved  by the hon'ble Member from Mawprem.


Shri P.M. Syiem.


Was of the opinion that catchment areas should be protected at all cost and people should be educated about the necessity of afforestation, change the present system in the water supply, use of meters of water supply and water management should be handed over to the  Rangbah Shnong. Concluding his speech, he opposed the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri.


 Replies of Shri H. D. R. Lyngdoh, Minister in-Charge P. H. E.


 At the outset, the Minister thanked all the members from both sides of the House for highlighting the various problems faced by the people in the shortage of water supply and by offering suggestion to the Government. He informed that the department had been able to harvest sources of water and supply potable drinking water to the tune of 5.2 mgd to Shillong. After replacement of the old water pumps, the department will be able to supply water to the tune of 11.0 mgd.

In the meeting held on the 9.1.2006 in the chamber of the Hon'ble Chief Minister regarding the agency to look after the improvement of water supply scheme for Shillong, there was no commitment from the Government and, felt at this juncture that the setting up of this agency is not practicable at present.

With regard to rain harvesting, he informed the House that the Department was contemplating to take up the scheme. Some officers from the Department were sent to Mizoram where the scheme was running successfully. The report was received and this will be taken up as soon as possible. The Department is also contemplating to minimize the surface water with underground water.
   ( With leave of the House, the Resolution moved by Shri Manas Chaudhuri was withdrawn).

 5. Replies of the Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Finance to a motion moved by Shri P.M. Syiem:

             At the outset, the Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister thanked the hon'ble Members both from the Treasury Bench and Opposition bench for participating in the motion and for highlighting the Government to the various problems faced by the Government employees. He was apprehensive of the serious erosion in the earning member because of price rise of essential commodities. However, he informed that the State pay Commission can be set up only after the Central Government set up the same and, therefore, the setting up of the pay Commission does not warrant at this stage.


            Shri Manas Chaudhuri moved that this House do now discuss the need for granting of retirement benefits to teaching and non-teaching staff of a deficit school.
           ( The motion was moved and the same will be taken up in the next session for discussion).


Shri Manas Chaudhuri MLA raised a discussion under Rule 50 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in the ‘ Shillong Times’ under the “ caption Children of non-tribal father cannot claim S.T. status: S.C.” dt.16.02.2006.

Initiating the discussion, the mover drew the attention of the Minister that the Supreme Court’s ruling has disturbed some sections of the society when a non- tribal father marries a tribal mother and that their children cannot claim the status of ST. He felt that remedial measures should be taken by appointing Supreme Court lawyers to file a special petition keeping in mind the local sentiments that existed today. He also felt that the five pending bills of the Khasi Hills District Council should be cleared by the Government so that there is no ambiguity of obtaining a Schedule Tribe certificate.

Shri H.S. Lyngdoh.
The Member contended that as per the tradition if a non-tribal father marries a tribal women, their children if brought up in matrilineal system and taken the title of the mother are considered as tribals.

Shri T.N. Marak.
Suggested the Government to move the Supreme Court to define clearly on the matter if the child is brought up in Matrilineal system.

Announcement from the Chair.

Since time is up, the Hon’ble Speaker sought leave of the House to extend upto 2.30 p.m. in order to dispose this discussion.
(Voices, Yes)
(With leave of the House, the House is extended upto 2.30 p.m.)

Shri M. Rava
Was in favour to pursue the matter in the Supreme Court.

Shri P.M. Syiem.
The member stated that the judges had gone deep into the matter meticulously before giving a judgement. He felt that at this stage should be left untouched.

Shri John manner Marak.
Was in favour to appeal to Supreme Court.

Replies of the Deputy Chief Minister.
As per the suggestions made by the Hon’ble Members from both sides of the House, the Deputy Chief Minister informed the House that the Government will examine the legal implications arising out of the S.C.’s judgement, since this is a matrilineal State.

Shri Sing Mulieh

He informed the Hon’ble Speaker that he had moved a Motion in the last session for the upgradation of Khliehriat Civil Sub-division to Khliehriat District in the last session. In this session, he had also moved the same but could not discussed for want of time. If allowed, he would also like to move the motion and the same will be discussed in the next session.

The Hon’ble Speaker stated this is a balloted motion and since the hon’ble Member from Mawprem had already moved this motion, it will be redundant on this part to allow again to move another motion at this juncture. He requested him to discuss the matter with his colleagues so that his motion could be considered as top priority in the next session.


Shri H.D.R. Lyngdoh, Minister in-charge Home laid a suo moto statement on the table of the House regarding the law and order situation in Garo Hills.


Since the time was up, the House rose at 2.25 p.m., and stood prorogued.




Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.