( Wednesday, the 11th April, 2007 )

The House met at 10.00 a.m with the Hon’ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.


Starred Questions from 248 to 257 were disposed of and 258 to 278 could not be disposed of for want of time.

Unstarred Question No.15 was also disposed of.


Under Rule 49A of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.T. Sawkmie drew the attention of the Minister to the news item published in the Shillong Times dated 23rd February, 2007 under the caption: “No reservation for local students – IIM gets Centre’s seal”. He was apprehensive that the IIM would be shifted outside the State because of its slow progress to start the session. Therefore, he wanted the following information :-

  1. The present position of the project.
  2. Whether any plot of land has been allotted?
  3. Is there any agreement made between the State Government and the officials of the Human Resource Development, Government of India with regard to the reservation of local students since 27% had been reserved for the backward classes all over the country?
  4. Whether the amount earmarked to set up this prestigious institute has been received by the State Government?

Replying to the Zero Hour Notice, the Minister i/c stated that since the IIM at Shillong is a Government of India Institution, the rules and regulations governing it would be guided and would be at par with other National level Institutions of the country. The State Reservation Policy for the students from Meghalaya and North Eastern Region cannot be imposed for admission. To be admitted in this Institution, the students will have to appear through the Common Admission Test (CAT). For the setting up of this Institution, The Government has agreed to give 80 acres of land at Mawdiangdiang, Shillong free of cost. In order to enable the IIM to start functioning, the State Government has allotted the buildings at Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai. The recruitment process would be initiated by the Central Government as it is a centrally funded institution.


The Minister i/c Sericulture and Weaving laid a statement with regard to Starred Question No. 223 replied on 10.4.07.


Shri P. T. Sawkmie moved: “This House do now discussed the need to improve industries for the overall development of the State” Initiating the discussion, the mover stated that the Government should have an industrial policy to generate employment for the educated unemployed youth since Government’s jobs have become saturated. Even though lots of industries have come up in the industrial areas at Byrni, the local youths did not get any benefit from it because people from outside the State were brought in. He was of the view that the State Government should place from outside the State were brought in. He was of the view that the State Government should place a tight screw on these industries in relation to employment by allowing initially people from outside to be enrolled in and, simultaneously send the local youths for training till such time they attain expertise. He was also of the view that the private investors should be allowed to generate their own power since they are willing to invest in the State. To do that, there should be security for those investors.

The House was adjourned at 11.40 am since there was no quorum to meet again at 12.00 noon . 

The House re-assembled at 12.00 noon and the House was again adjourned till Friday, the 13th April, 2007 at 10.00 am since there was no quorum. 


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly