(Tuesday, the 16th October, 2007)


The House met at 10.00 a. m. with the Hon’ble Speaker in the Chair. The proceedings of the House was devoted for the transaction of Government Business.



Starred Questions No.11 to 15 were disposed of. Starred Questions No.16 to 26 could not be disposed of for want of time

Unstarred Question No.5 to 20 were also disposed of.




Under Rule 49 (A) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.M. Syiem drew the attention of the Chief Minister to a news item which appeared in “The Shillong Times” dated 3.10.2007 under the Caption ‘300 members N.E.Trade delegation to Bangkok’

At the first instance, the mover categorically stated that in order to attract investors to the State, peace and tranquility should be maintained at all cost so that Thai expertise works can be taken up like road construction, in-land water transport, power, food processing etc since the Government of India has made outlays to the tune of several billion dollars for infrastructure creation in North East India. The State is abound with the natural beauty for the tourists to enjoy. He also opined that a free trade agreement with Bangladesh should be made since the State will gain most in exporting the raw materials which it is having. He urged upon the Government to take up this matter with the Government of India to open a trade with Bangladesh which is the nearest most country.

Replying to the Zero Hour Notice, the Chief Minister informed that The North East India Investment opportunities week was held at Bangkok from 01-04 October, 2007. Before embarking on this mission, the State had made elaborate preparations for the event like the State of Meghalaya is a peaceful, vibrant and investor friendly, showcase the products of the State in the fields of sericulture and horticulture, tourism potential and investment in tourism infrastructure, identify opportunities for trader and investment etc. At the exhibition, the Meghalaya exhibits attracted most attention. Intensive discussions were held with Thai officials to invest in the construction and infrastructure segments which would be followed up by them. Discussions were also held with Thai and Horticulture Research Institute in the fields of post-harvest management, packaging, processing and marketing. With regard to tourism infrastructure including heritage, hotels, ropeways and golf courses will be followed up. In view of this, the Minister of Civil Aviation was very positive in expanding the Umroi Airport as soon as the need arises.



Under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly, Shri P.M. Syiem called the attention of the Deputy Chief Minister in-charge to the news item appearing in “The Shillong Times” dated 3.10.2007 under the caption “New Power Tariff to hit the common man hard’.

Initiating the discussion, the mover wanted the Government o go slow on this new tariff to be given wide publicity on the need to increase the tariff. He suggested the Government should take the views of the stake holders so as not to affect the common man and the interest of the consumers should be protected at all cost.

Replying to the Call Attention Notice, the Deputy Chief Minister informed the House that the electricity tariff of the MeSEB was last revised on November, 2005. However, with the enactment of Electricity Act, 2003 and consequent to the functioning of the Meghalaya State Electricity regularity Commission (MSERC) since June, 2006, the power of determining the tariff had been vested with it. Therefore, the Commission, before determining the revised tariff of MeSEB, invites views, comments, suggestions from interested persons on this occasion.



The Minister in-charge P.W.D. made a suo motu statement that it had not received any sanction from the Government of India for carrying out maintenance/repair works during 2005-06 for the National highway 40 and in addition, heavy rainfall has damaged the road more than usual. On top of that, there was heavy traffic on this road. Moreover, extensive widening of the road in some portions of the High way has damaged the road more than expected. This work was entrusted to the NHAI and has received sanction only for 24 Km while the rest will be taken up in a phased manner as and when sdantion is received.



Shri H. Suchiang – Fell in line with the mover of the motion that the Khliehriat Civil Sub-Division be upgraded into a district.

Replied of the Chief Minister :

The Chief Minister stated that the Government is fully aware of the need to create more districts in order to bring the administration closer to the people. In view of this, the Government had set up a task Force Committee to go into the whole gamut of the matter.




Shri P.M. Syiem moved :
“This House do now discuss the Government’s failure to protect the civil land/Government land from Army encroachment in and around Lummawbah in particular and Shillong in general”.
Initiating the discussion, the mover of the motion suggested to the Government to form Committee with expert people to study in detail the land possession of the Army in Lummawbah in particular and Shillong in general because according to his failure, the leased lands agreement had since expired and that the Army had no more locus standi. Therefore, he urged upon the Government to be more assertive in this regard to get back the lands which belong to people.
Shri H.S. Lyngdoh, Shri M. Suchiang and Shri P.T. Sawkmie also participated and felt that re-survey of the land should be conducted to solve this long pending issue in order to protect the people’s property being encroached by the Army. They also felt that an amicable solution should be found out across the table.
The Chief Minister also fell in line that re-survey should be conducted alongwith the defence authorities. Wherever there is a disputes, the Government did not sit tight. However, with regard to Lummawbah, the local people did not have any supporting documents to counter the claims of the Army. He stressed that all the points raised by the members had been noted and action will be taken at an appropriate time but through legal procedures. There was a Committee for this purpose. However, he felt the time had come to involve both sides of the House in this Committee.





Since the time was up, the House rose at 2.00 p.m. and stood prorogued.



Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.