The House met at 10.00 am with the Hon’ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Members’s Business.


Starred Question from No. 16 to 21 were disposed of Starred Question from 22 to 27 could not be disposed of for want of time.


Under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business, Shri R. Lyngdoh, MLA called the attention of the Chief Minister to the news item published in “U Nongsain Hima” dt.8.10.2008 under the caption “Shoh bein bad pynmareh u Minister ia 4 ngut ki Nongbylla ha Borsora”.

Initiating the discussion, the mover wanted to know from the Chief Minister as to why the concerned Minister was allowed to go abroad when there was a criminal charge lying against him or is this Government running with muscle power.

Replying to this, the Chief Minister stated that the Minister had obtained an anticipatory bail on the 9.11.2008 and, in the meantime, active investigation by the police is going on. With regard to the Government being run with muscle power, there is no truth in it. There is also no bar for the Minister to go abroad, be it official or private matter.


Shri Ardent M. Basaiawmoit moved Motion No. 1 :-

“This House do now discuss the danger posed by influx in the areas of the local Indigenous people of Meghalaya”.

The mover was apprehensive at the scourge of influx which had continued unabated in the State because of the lackluster approach of the Government to deal with the problem. There were cases where the police personnel were bribed by the foreigners. The District Council, in matters of issuing trading licenses to the non-tribals were done haphazardly without verifying the antecedents of the individual. He was also of the opinion that the Indo-Nepal Treaty 1950 should be scrapped otherwise it will become a nemesis to the State.

Dr. R. C. Laloo, Shri Rowell Lyngdoh, Shri S. Nongrum, Shri P. Syiem, Shri John Manner Marak, Shri F. W. Momin, Shri P. Tynsong, Shri A. T. MondaL and Shri L. Rymbui were all concerned at the influx of foreigners from the neighbouring countries and legal migrants from outside the State. They were also of the opinion of scrapping of the Indo-Nepal Treaty, introduce a mechanism to check foreigners, examine the role of the B.S.F. in the border areas, deport foreigners without proper documents on those people who stays at R. R. Colony, impress upon the non-tribals contractors to adhere to the employment policy of the State.

In reply, the Chief Minister stated that foreigners are prosecuted as per law of the land and the mechanism introduced in the State was not enough to meet the alarming influx of people from within and outside the country. He was also of the opinion that the legal migrants in the form of student or people who man the institution will contribute a lot to the economy of the State. He also stated that the genuine citizens of the country will not be harassed. With regard to the fencing, he informed that some areas were not fenced because large tracts of lands fell on cultivable lands and the fencing could not be done from the zero line because of an agreement reached out between the Government of India and Bangladesh.

Dr. Friday Lyngdoh moved Motion No.2:

“This House do now discuss the involvement of the State Government during the visit of Shri L. K. Advani, Leader of Opposition of Lok Sabha and BJP Leader on 29th September, 2008”.


The Hon’ble Speaker informed the House that the Cabinet meeting held on the 7.11.2008 allowed the Parliamentary Secretaries to participate on Motions and Resolutions.

Dr. D. D. Lapang queried as to whether the Parliamentary Secretary can participate on a motion or resolution when he is supposed to reply on behalf of the Minister concerned. In this connection, the Minister in-charge of Parliamentary Affairs replied that the Parliamentary Secretary cannot take part on the motion or resolution when he has been empowered to reply on the Minister’s behalf.

Initiating the discussion, Dr. Friday Lyngdoh stated that Shri L. K. Advani’s visit to Shillong was strictly private but the Government is providing him with security, transport and payment of his bills. He went on to say that the Chief Minister had violated all norms and protocols, warrants of precedence when he went to meet him. Therefore, he wanted to know from the Government as to what led to such an action.

Dr. D. D. Lapang, Leader of Opposition supported the mover of the motion and wanted to know from the Chief Minister as to why the Government failed to submit a memorandum to him expressing anguish at the mayhem in the BJP ruled State, Orissa against the minorities.

Replying to the motion, the Chief Minister informed the House that the Leader of Opposition of Lok Sabha had been allotted Z-Category security when he was threatened through e-mail address during his visit to Shillong. Therefore, in this regard, the Central authority had instructed the State Government on 26.9.2008 to provide Z-Category security to him. He also informed that he had written a letter to the Chief Mister of Orissa expressing concern at the mayhem perpetuated at the minorities and requested him to take all necessary steps to provide security to them. He was also of the opinion that it was his duty to meet any VIP from Lok Sabhha.

Shri Prestone Tynsong moved Motion No.3 :

“This House do now discuss the style of functioning of Agriculture Department in the State with special reference to scarcity of Fertilizers, Fungicide and the current sale of potato etc. by the farmers at throw-away-price”.

Initiating the discussion, the mover stated that during potato cultivation, the farmers largely depended on fertilizers and fungicides which the Government had not been able to provide. Although it is available in the market, the rates of these two items were very high. He also lamented at the Marketing Board which had not contributed anything towards the plight of the farmers. Therefore, he was of the view that support price of potato should not be below Rs.5 or Rs.6 per K.G. and wanted to know the stand of the Government on this issue.

Shri R.V. Lyngdoh, Shri P. W. Khongjee and Shri Saleng A. Sangma also participated. They also discussed more or less on the lines of the mover.


Since there is no more business, the House rose at 2.00 p.m and stands adjourned till 10.00 a.m. on Tuesday, the 11th November, 2008.


Dated: Shillong
The 10 November, 2008.

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.