(Thursday, the 17th April, 2008)

The House assembled at 10.00 am with the Hon’ble Speaker in the Chair. The day was devoted for the transaction of Private Member’s Business. 

1. Questions :

          Starred Questions No. 14 to 18 with Supplementaries thereto were disposed off.   

 2. Calling Attention Notice under Rule 54 (1) :

           Shri M. M. Danggo called the attention of the Minister-in-charge, Power under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to the news item published in “Shillong Times” dated 20-08-08 under the caption “Government to wait for panel report on power deals”

           Clarifying the position, the Minister-in-charge, Power said that the Government is equally concern and the Cabinet meeting was held on 18.1.2008 where the official committees are as follows:-

           Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Principal Secretary, Commissioner and Secretary-Planning, Secretary-Law, Commissioner and Secretary-Power as the Principal Secretary.

           The Minister said that he is confident that the Committee will submit its report soon so that the Government can take its decision.

 3. Motions :-

Motions No. 1

          Shri A. M. Basaiawmoit moved the Motion No.1 under Rule 131 Section 1.

          Shri A. M. Basaiawmoit moved that “This House do now discuss the unemployment problem in the State”. Initially in the discussion he said that there is unemployment among the illiterate and un-educated. He also stated that he have witnessed the danger of this problem in the past where a number of youths formed the militant outfits and confessed that they have joined the militants outfits due to unemployment. 

          Shri A. T. Mondal, Shri R. C. Laloo, Shri P. W. Khongjee, Shri P. Tynsong, Shri H. D. R. Lyngdoh and Shri R. V. Lyngdoh also took part in the motion.

          Shri Donkupar Roy, Chief Minister in his reply to the Motion he stated that according to the statistics it reflected how acute the un-employment in the State. There are many causes on this, one of the reason is the lack of employment opportunities in the public sector. He felt that the role of some Departments is very important in solving the problem. He also said that the North East Industrial Policy, 2007 which the Government adopted recently will further encourage the investors to step in their activities in this area. He also stated that self help group will be very helpful to get job in the State. They should not be set-up only in the District head quarters, but should go down to the Block level. The skills of the youths should be improved, if they could do that, it will solve the problem of un-employment to a large extent. Regarding the surrendered HNLC, they should find place in the society and live an honourable life.

Motions No. 2.  

          Shri Lahkmen Rymbui, MLA moved the Motion under Rule 131 Section 1.

          Shri Lahkmen Rymbui moved that “This House do now discuss the strengthening of the Amlarem Civil Sub-Division for the smooth functioning of the administration and to provide the service of the administration to the people as per norms of a Civil Sub-division”.

          Shri R.C. Laloo, MLA and Shri R.V. Lyngdoh, MLA also participated in the motion.

          Shri Donkupar Roy, Chief Minister in the reply of the Motion, he stated that Amlarem Sub-Division was created with effect from 12th November, 1976 and it is one of the smallest Sub-Division in the State. He know the problem of the Sub-Division, he do not believe that the Government want to exploit resources of that area. In fact, the Government is trying its best to ensure that the Amlarem Sub-Division is fully developed comparable to the other Sub-Division.

          He assured that the Government will look into the recommendation to set the other office in the phase manner.

Motion No.3.

          Shri A. M. Basaiawmoit, MLA moved the Motion under Rule 131 Section 1.

          Shri A. M. Basaiawmoit moved that “This House do now discuss the selling out of residential flats in Meghalaya vis-à-vis the operation of the Meghalaya Transfer of Land Regulation Act, 1972”.

          Shri Donkupar Roy, Chief Minister in his reply to this he stated that Flats and Apartments are starting to come-up within the State and the need to have legislation in this matter has been taken. It has decided that step would be taken by the Revenue Department. 


            The House rose at 1.50 p.m and stood adjourned till 10 a.m on Friday the 18th April, 2008.

Dated: Shillong,                                                                                


The 17th April, 2008. 

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.