List of business for -
Friday, March 7, 1986

1.    Q u e s t i o n s.

2.    Shri. SD. KHONWIR
       Shri. S.R. MOKSHA   
:    to call the attention of the Chief Minister under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to a new item appearing in 'Ka Pyrta U Riewlum' of 22nd February, 1986 under the caption "Ki Air force ki Leh Jubor Iaki Iing Ha Pomlakrai."

3.    Pending Resolution.

    "Whereas, the attention of the Government has been drawn repeatedly time and again to the outstanding loan long over-due from the Wallang Service Co-operative Society;

     And, whereas, the Co-operation Department has shown no sign of any interest in recovery of the said loan including interest due thereon;

     This House do now, therefore, Censure the Department of Co-operation for failure to recover the loan including interest amounting to more than 17 (Seventeen) Lakhs of rupees from the Wallang Service Co-operative Society."

(Moved by Shri. W. Syiemiong on the 16th December, 1985)

4.    Pending Motion.

      "This House do now discuss the Schemes of Integrated Development of one hundred Villages in Meghalaya."

*5.    M o t i o n s.


SHILLONG Secretary,
March  6, 1986 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.