Winter Session, 1986.

List of Business for -
Friday, December 12, 1986.

1.    Questions.

2.    The Speaker to announce the Report of the Business Advisory Committee under Rule 230.

3.    Shri. G. MYLLIEMNGAP, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to move :-

     "That this house agrees with the allocation of time proposed by the Business Advisory Committee in regard to the various items of business for the current Session".

4.    Shri. S.D. KHONGWIR, to  call the attention of the Chief Minister under Rule 54 to a news item appearing in the 'Sentinel' dated 23.11.86 under the caption "No action yet against Meghalaya Supplier".

5.    The Speaker to announce the names of Members nominated to the panel of Chairman for the current Session under Rule 9.

6.    Shri. W.A. SANGMA, Chief Minister to lay the following Notification with reaons therefor :-

        (i)    No. DCA.135/83/234 dated 29.10.86'

        (ii)    No. DCA.135/83/289 dated25.9.86,

        (iii)    No. DCA.2/80/Pt. II/Vol.I/48 dated 21.10.86 and

        (iv)    No. DCA.106/82/Pt/96 dated 19.11.86

7.    Shri. D.D. LAPANG, Minister for Finance to present the following :-        


Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for the year 1983-84,

(ii) Appropriation Accounts, 1983-84 and
(iii) Finance Accounts, 1983 - 84.

8.    Shri. D.D. LAPANG, Minister for Finance to present the Supplementary Demands for Grants and Supplementary Appropriations for 1986-87.


(a) Shri. P.R. KYNDIAH, Minister for Town and Country Planning to beg leave to introduce the Meghalaya Urban Planning and Development Authority Bill, 1986;

(b) if leave be granted to introduce the Bill.

10.    Obituary references.


Shillong: Secretary,
December 11, 1986 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.