Budget Session, 1987

List of business for -
Thursday, April 2, 1987

l.    Questions.

2.    Shri. G. MYLLIEMNGAP, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to move :-

     "Whereas the states of Meghalaya and Assam had a common political history for a long period and the Legislators of both the states shared this very chamber for 36 years to shape the destiny of their states;

     And whereas, the Assam Legislative Assembly will be completing its 50th Anniversary on the 7th April, 1987;

     And whereas, it will be most befitting for the Legislatures of Meghalaya and Assam to celebrate this auspicious occasion by holding special sessions and other commemorative functions on the 7th and 8th April, 1987, in their respective Assembly Chamber;

    And whereas, the Committee on Golden Jubilee Celebration constituted by the Hon'ble Speaker of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly has unanimously decided to hold a joint sitting of the present and ex-members of this Assembly and some of their counterparts in Assam in this Chamber on the 7th April, 1987, to commemorate  the first sitting held in this very Chamber 50 years ago followed by a seminar on the 8th April, 1987;

     And whereas, the use of the Chamber of the Assembly for purposes other than the sittings of the Assembly and Presiding Officers' Conference has been barred by Rule 309 of the Rules of Procedure;

     Now, therefore, this House resolves to suspend the said rule for the time being so as to allow this Chamber to be used for the said purpose as a special case".

3.    Shri. W. SYIEMIONG, to raise two and half hours discussion under this Rule 50 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business on matter arising out of replies to the call attention notice of 24th March, 1987 tabled by him on the news item published in the 'Sentinel' of December 13, 1986, under the caption "Another Meghalaya Scandal comes to light".

*4.    Motions.

*5.    Resolutions.

6.    Shri. H. HADEM, to raise half an-hour discussion under Rule 49 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business on matter arising out of replied to Unstarred Question No.51 of 25th March, 1987.


SHILLONG Secretary,
April 1, 1987. Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.