Budget Session, 1987
List of Business for -
Thursday,  March 19, 1987

1.    Questions.

2.    Shri. W. SYIEMIONG, to call the attention of the Minister incharge Municipal Administration under Rule 54 (I) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to a news item appearing in the Khasi Weekly, "Dongmusa' of 6th March, 1987 under the caption 'Ka Sorkar ka Airam T 65 Lak Ia Ka Shillong Municipality'.

*3.    Pending Resolution :-

     "Whereas, the public of Madanryting, Nongthymmai and of other localities, through which Shillong-Jowai National Highway passes, have been facing innumerable difficulties caused by heavy trucks carrying timber, coal, etc., along this road;

     And, whereas, the said road is too narrow, giving rise to frequent motor accidents, resulting in heavy casualties, including loss of previous lives;

    This House, therefore, urges upon the State Government to impose more restrictions on the movement of these heavy vehicles, including measure like diversion of such vehicles coming from Jowai and Laitkor Peak Via Air Force Public road to Upper Shillong road, as a temporary measure until completion of the proposed Shillong by-pass".

ff4.    Other Resolutions.

ff5.    Motions.





March 18, 1987

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.