List of Business for -

Friday, August 26, 1988.



1.    Questions.

2.    Shri. E.K. Mawlong

       Shri. M. Mukhim     to call the attention of the Minister incharge of District Council Affairs under Rule 54 (1) of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business to a news item appearing in the Shillong Times dated 22nd August, 1988, under the caption "Centre Irked by interference with District Councils in Mizoram"

3.    Shri. E.K. Mawlong to present the Petition signed by the villagers of Umshiaw, Pynthor, Tyrso etc. relating to the damages caused to their paddy fields etc. due to the release of water from the Umiam reservoir during the months of June and July, 1988.

4.    Shri. P.A. Sangma, Chief Minister to move that the Meghalaya Assembly (Leader of the Opposition Salary and Allowances) (Amendment) Bill, 1988, be passed.

5.    Shri. P.A. Sangma, Chief Minister, to move that the Meghalaya (Members' Salaries and Allowances) (Amendment) Bill, 1988 be passed.

6.    Shri. G.S. Massar

       Shri. S.L. Marbaniang     to raise discussion  under Rule 49 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business on a matter arising out of reply  to unstarred question No.32 of 24th August, 1988.

7.    Obituary reference.

8.    Prorogation / Adjournment sine die.


T. Cajee,



August 25, 1988

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.