List of Business for Friday February 24, 1989.



1.    Address of the Governor under Article 176 (1) of the Constitution of India.

2.    The Speaker to announce the Report on the Business Advisory Committee under Rule 230.

3.    Shri. S.C. Marak, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs to move :-

"That this House agrees with the allocation of time proposed by the Business Advisory Committee in regard to the various items of business for the current Session."

4.    The Speaker to announce the names of Members nominated to the panel of Chairmen for the current Session under Rule 9 (1).

5.    Shri. J.D. Pohrmen, Minister for Taxation, to lay the Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Rules, 1988.

6.    Shri. H.S. Shylla, Minister of State in-charge co-operation, to lay the Annual Report and Accounts of the Meghalaya State Warehousing Corporation for the year, 1986-87.

7.    Shri. O.L. Nongtdu, Minister for Public Works, to lay the Fourth Annual Report of the Meghalaya Government Construction Corporation Limited, for the year, 1981-82.

8.    Obituary References.



Dated: Shillong,


The 23rd February, 1989

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.