1.    The Deputy Speaker to announce the Report of the Business Advisory Committee.

2.    Shri. J.D. Pohrmen, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, to move :-

     "This House agrees with the allocation of time proposed by the Business Advisory Committee in regard to the various items of business for the current session."

3.    The Deputy Speaker to announce the names of members nominated by him to constitute the Panel of Chairmen for the current Session.

4.    Shri. Anthony Lyngdoh to call the attention of the Minister, Urban Affairs, to the news item published in the "Rupang" dt. 25th September, 1993 under the caption "Yn tei thymmai ki stad Japan ia ka Shillong".

5.    Shri. Rowel Lyngdoh, Minister District Council Affairs, to lay the following Notifications with reasons therefore :-

(i) No. D.C.A. 48/90/Pt 1/200 - dt. 10th May, 1993;
(ii) No. D.C.A. 48/90/Pt 1/201 - dt. 10th May, 1993; and
(iii) No. D.C.A. 48/90/Pt 1/202 - dt. 10th May, 1993.
6. Shri. J.D. Pohrmen, Minister Finance, to present :-

The Report of the Comptroller and Auditor General for the year ended 31st March, 1991;


The Appropriation Accounts for the year 1990-91;

(iii) The Finance Accounts for the year 1990-91.

7.    Shri. H. D. R. Lyngdoh, Member, Committee on Estimates, to move :-

     "Whereas Shri. Atul C. Marak and Shri. Sujit Sangma have ceased to be members of the Committee on Estimates by virtue of their being inducted into the Cabinet, this House do elect two other members to the Committee on Estimates to fill up the vacancies".

8.    Shri. H.S. Lyngdoh, Chairman, Committee on Public Accounts, to move :-

     "Whereas Shri. S. Swell Lyngdoh has ceased to be a member of the Committee on Public Accounts by virtue of his being inducted into the Cabinet, this House do elect another member to the Committee on Public Accounts to fill up the vacancy".

9.    Shri. S.C. Marak, Chief Minister, to move the following motion under Rule 316 :-

     "That sub-rule (4) of Rule 115 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in its application to the Resolution to be moved hereafter be suspended for the time being in so far as the rule requires seven days notice for moving the Resolution".

10.    Shri. S.C. Marak, Chief Minister, to move :-

     "Whereas, a devastating earthquake struck parts of Maharashtra in the early hours of September 30, 1993;

     And, whereas, damage and loss of human lives have been caused to an enormous extent;

     Now, therefore, the Members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly with a deep sense of sorrow hereby express their heartfelt sympathy for all the people who have been affected by the calamity and pray that God gives them strength and fortitude in their suffering;

     And, be it resolved, that the feelings of this House be conveyed to all those affected through the Chief Minister of the State of Maharashtra."

11.    Obituary References.



N.G. Laloo

October 7, 1993


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly.